Amanda and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met back in 2012, but apparently he had his eye on me even before that! Brandon was friends with my younger sister growing up and would frequently tell her how he would one day be her brother-in-law (yeah, ok).

Before the days of swiping right Brandon had to resort to archaic means like Facebook to get in contact with me.

After being skeptical I finally answered Brandon’s Facebook message, and agreed to a date. Our first date was a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game and pizza. A date we still frequently partake in. This is also the night we discovered the first of many uncanny connections with our lives and families. As we were driving home we were going through the neighborhood I grew up in and I decided to show him the home I lived in and where my grandmother still lived. We stop at the house and Brandon is just floored. He looks at me and says are you sure? Uh, yes.. I say. He then proceeds to tell me this is the house his mother grew up in!! What??? My grandparents bought the home off of his grandparents. Honestly, what are the chances?? Since then we have discovered even more weird coincidences that we are completely certain are because were destined to find one another!

After a few months I took Brandon home to meet my (then) 2 year old daughter, Alexis. This was the ultimate test for me, because their relationship would determine our relationship. As it happens, Alexis and Brandon have been thick as thieves since day one! He loves our little girl just as if she is his own blood and for that I fall more in love with Brandon every day.

Over the past six years there have been some really hard times. Brandon lost his best friend, and our would have been best man, tragically in 2015. This shattered the man I loved and I made a promise to him that I would always be there to pick those pieces up when they fell again. It tested us at times but we have always come out stronger than before.

But, then there have also been really great times! Times when it seems like the world stands still and I can’t believe how lucky I am! The one constant in our lives is and always will be, our love. It’s never failing!

how they asked

Brandon and I got engaged on 2/10/18 at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, PA. A day that Alexis and I thought was just an average family outing. Instead our lives are changed forever and we have a future of ordinary days turned magical to look forward to!! Brandon had this extravagant plan to have a meet and greet with an owl (my favorite) and the owl would swoop in with the ring! Well, as Brandon was planning this, he slowly realized with all the rules and restrictions to the meet and greet this wasn’t going to be possible. So instead he waited until we got to the last exhibit and were about to leave. He asked Alexis to take our picture in front of a few of the exotic birds in the rainforest exhibit. But instead of standing for the picture he got down on one knee and proposed in front of everyone! I was shocked!!! And so was Alexis who was so excited she completely forgot to take any pictures. I said yes! And the rest is history!

We have a wonderful, blended family with an immense amount of love for each other! I truly believe God was in every single moment leading up to us meeting each other and still working everyday! We are blessed to truly have (in our opinion) a once in a lifetime love!

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