Brandie and Michael

How We Met

Mike and I met 15 years ago, yes you read that right! We were introduced to each other by my cousin. The funny thing is the introduction was all by phone. It was back in the instant messenger days and my cousin met Mike in a chatroom. They exchanged numbers and one day when I was at her house she was on the phone with him and gave me the phone and just said here talk to this guy. After we talked we found out both were in a relationship and it was merely a friendly conversation. Months later we reconnected through instant messenger and began talking again. This time we both had just gotten out of our relationships. How serendipitous, after weeks of talking and getting to know each other he asked me out. And I said yes, without even meeting him. Did I mention we were long distance he lived in California I lived in Las Vegas. We had a long distance relationship for majority of our relationship I had a small stint where I moved slighlty closer to him when I attended college in Long Beach, CA. So our commute went from 4 hours to an hour. But once I moved back to Las Vegas after graduating we hit a cross roads in our relationship. Either we shorten the distance and finally move in together or move on. Dont get me wrong we deeply loved each other it was just becoming harder as the relationship progressed to continue long distance. So with all that said he moved out to Las Vegas and we have resided together ever since.

Where to Propose in At my dad's grave

how they asked

Per Mike there were 2 failed attempts. The first was he was going to propose at the Luke Bryant concert (yes, mike likes country that’s a little thanks to me!) but we couldn’t get tickets. The second attempt was New Year’s Day at Serendipity but the restaurant was closed by the time we got there. And is now permanently closed. The 3rd attempt which was successful and my most favorite was when I said YES!! For many of you who know me are aware that my Dad passed away 2 years ago. He meant the world to me and how important it was for me that Mike had asked him for my hand. So with that said it was a beautiful day January 2, 2017. We had just went to the gym so I looked horrible, Lol and went to visit my dads grave and have lunch which we do often. We were enjoying music eating our subway and enjoying the peace. When we were finished and enjoying our time Mike started to talk to my dad. He told my dad that we were getting married which unbenounced to many we were actually planning to get hitched this year and that the proposal was just a mere formality. He told my dad that he was sorry he wasn’t able to ask him in person. That he wanted to take care of me as much as I have taken care of him. On a side note my dad has a wind chime that we put by his grave. So as mike was saying those beautiful things and all was quiet. Out of the blue the chimes at my dads grave started to make a noise. I then looked at Mike with tears eyes and told him that it was my dad giving you his blessing. At that very moment Mike got down on one knee. And said that he was sorry it took him so long and that he wanted to start the New year off right. And with a quiver in his lips and watery eyes he asked me to marry him. Which of course by now all know I said YES!! It was a simple perfect moment that meant the world to me, and one I will never forget.

Proposal Ideas At my dad's grave