Brandie and Joe

How We Met

Joe has always been a very meticulous man who will have every detail planned and executed down to a T. He has always said how; with me, he’s tried to make every moment special and memorable. And that couldn’t have been truer than for our first date.

We had met through mutual friends and both of us have said how we felt an instant connection to each other. He had planned a romantic evening out with a candle lit dinner and a long stroll through town. When he came to my door to pick me up, I had butterflies. I was so excited and nervous; I couldn’t wait for our night to begin.

When we arrived at the restaurant, I noticed he seemed a little under the weather; his face was flushed and clammy, but he insisted he was fine and was simply just nervous. He told me of the wonderful evening he had planned and how he was looking forward to getting to know me. Not even half way through the meal, however, I could tell he really wasn’t feeling well. Still, he insisted he was fine. He told me later that he was feeling so utterly terrible, but didn’t want the night with me to end so soon. After a little while though, I just couldn’t take it. I knew he wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t bear to see him like that. He finally relented, but by the time we left the restaurant he was so sick he couldn’t even drive home. So without even batting an eye, I took his keys and insisted that I drive him home and take care of him. The whole way to his house, I kept thinking, “Oh my gosh, what am I thinking? I’m about to meet his entire family on the first date!” I was so incredibly nervous I had no idea what I was getting myself into. When we got to his home though, all my nerves subsided. His family was so warm and welcoming I couldn’t help but feel at home myself. I was able to get to know his parents and brother while I was taking care of him which was so special to me. For both of us, family is the most important thing and to be able to feel like I was a part of his the first night, made me believe that I finally found the man I was going to marry. And while everything may not have gone the way he had planned, he still gave me a special and memorable evening.

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how they asked

The night he proposed, I had no idea it was coming. We went out to our favorite restaurant; Chart House in Hoboken, to celebrate his recent graduation from the Police Academy. It just so happened that it was our anniversary and Valentine’s day that same day. Looking back on everything, I should have known he was planning something special, but in the moment I was just so oblivious.

Dinner went perfectly (no one was sick this time!) The sun was setting in the background behind us and when the waiter arrived at our table with our dessert, I saw “Will you marry me?” written on the plate with chocolate. I was speechless; completely in shock. I didn’t even hear Joe when he said “Brandie, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Tears started streaming down my face and my heart was racing a mile a minute. I was such in awe that I didn’t even answer him. He eventually had to ask “Well, is that a yes?” Through laughter and tears, I said yes. It was the happiest night of our lives.
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