Brandi and Chad

Brandi and Chad's Engagement in Naval Live Oaks Reservation, Pensacola, Florida

How We Met

Chad and I met in 2006, at our high school orientation. His mom and mine had met through previous years, as we both has older sisters that attended the same school. As they ran into each other and got to talking, his mom had looked at both of us and said “You two go ahead and date whoever you’d like, but you will be together senior year!” We both looked at each other and agreed on no way, let’s just be friends. So we started 9th grade and became fast friends. In fact, we both dated mutual friends. It wasn’t until the summer before our senior year that we both were going through bad breakups at none the less the exact same time… How ironic right ? As the summer progressed, we were hanging out every single day together, mostly with our two other best friends but sometimes just us two. Everyone around us kept saying how obvious it was that we were “in love” but we didn’t realize it quite that fast. As the weeks had passed and we were traveling here and there, we found ourselves becoming inseparable and sure enough it took us straight to our homecoming dance where we were going as a couple. I surely did enjoy playing “hard to get” after he professed his feelings for me. I admit, I may have egged on his chasing me, but I still to this day would not change one little detail of our love story. So anyway, long story short … He asked me to be his girlfriend on 11-11-09 at 11:11pm and we have never been apart since.

how they asked

It has been 7 amazing years as boyfriend and girlfriend and as our 7th anniversary was coming up on 11-11-16, I figured it was bound to happen in the near future. I was actually in a wedding on our anniversary so I had a feeling he would definitely not propose on my friend’s special day. I assumed it might could happen on Thanksgiving. Well that just wasn’t the case either! So as I started preparing for Christmas and all of the joyous activities, the idea of getting engaged over the holidays just escaped me. Every year we take family Christmas photos, and of course my mom had planned a “special photo shoot” for this year… And of course it was last minute and thrown together in like 2 days. My sisters and I spent the day getting all dolled up and it hit me that I didn’t even invite Chad to join us to take photos. So I hurried up and asked him pretty much 1 hour before the scheduled shoot and of course he said he would meet me there. My sister Briana had “faked” being not ready so we would be the last ones to arrive. I was clueless, had no earthly idea what was happening around me. As we finally pull up to the gorgeous private beach, the first thing I see is my future father in law, playing music on a loud speaker … and it was “our song”. Literally a split second after, I turn and see Chad smiling so handsomely in his favorite suit and bowtie, the one I got him. The deck is covered in gold and white flower petals. Gold is my favorite color! Gold bows and white drapes are flowing so freely and pretty on the deck were standing on with the most breathtaking view of the bay behind us. I see my parents sisters, his mom and sisters and his niece. They are all filled with smiles and of course their phones … And I also see our family friend and photographer Phillip, and it all hit me … This is him proposing to me. Out of completely no where! Such a surprise. I start crying. I never cry! He gets on his knee and pulls out the box. It says Jareds. He had taken me ring shopping earlier in the year at my favorite store … Jareds! He asked me to marry him and I shouted “Yes” what the heck, of course yes! And then our families rushed to hug and love on us.

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