Brandi and Rob

How We Met

If you had asked me 3 and a 1/2 years ago if I would be engaged to get married, have a career, and be building a life with someone I love I would have told you you were crazy. I am part of the generation where drug addiction runs wild, and I unfortunately chose that destructive path for my life. At some point I was tired of being tired and I chose recovery. I tell this part of our story because Rob too is in recovery, and if it wasn’t for this life changing decision we both made, we would have never crosses paths. I met Rob through mutual friends, although we didn’t start dating right away. I was in a relationship with someone who was toxic for me and someone who had no respect for me. I believe it was fate that that person was physically removed from my life, because it opened up the chance to officially meet my soulmate. I remember it so clearly the way he asked me out. He had messaged me on Facebook (so cliche I know) and wanted to take me to dinner. I hesitantly said yes. I was hesitant because he was a good person. I was hesitant because I didn’t think I deserved what he could offer me. But I did it anyways, and I am so glad I did. Out first date was like it was our 100th date, I was comfortable and the conversation was easy.

Where to Propose in Boston MA

He made me laugh and genuinely smile, something I hadn’t done in so long. My feelings grew stronger for him the longer we talked, and went out but my head still told me I wasn’t good enough. Somewhere along the line however, I followed my heart and I kept seeing him. Rob isn’t like any guy I have ever dated. Most men I involved myself with were selfish, egotistical, and disrespectful. Rob was genuine, honest, and compassionate. He had a lust for life like I had never seen, he had goals and aspirations for his future, and he continued to show me unconditional love no matter how difficult I was to deal with. He never gave up on his feelings for me, he never gave up on us. He knew I was a work in progress, he knew I had a hard time loving myself but he was willing to stick by me and help me figure all of that out. He has some insecurities of his own, but because he was willing to help me with mine, it made me willing to do the same for him in return. Communication is key in a relationship, and without it I’m not sure what kind of relationship we would have. I will forever be grateful for this man, as he has shown me the true meaning of falling in love.

how they asked

We were dating for almost 3 years, and had talked about marriage a handful of times, more or less me mentioning the type of ring I liked etc, but nothing to in detail. Hes the live in the moment type of person and doesn’t like projecting on the future. August 18th, 2017 he took me out to dinner in Boston, nothing out of the ordinary, Rob likes to splurge on expensive meals once in a while. As we waited outside for our reservation, he asked a couple of they would take a picture of us, they agreed. After the initial picture was taken Rob asked for one more “I need to make sure I have a good one” he said. That’s when he got down on 1 knee and asked me to marry him.

I was speechless and in shock. I had no words, all I could do was frantically nod yes and cry. I can’t even describe my feelings, the only word I can come up with is magical. I had never felt a feeling like I felt on that night. He later told me he had a speech planned out but all he could spit out were those 4 words, I told him it was perfect.

I tell our story because I once believed this wasn’t possible for me, as did he. I tell our story to show that if you just have a little faith anything is possible. I had that little bit of faith at one point, and now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.