Brandi and Patrick

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How We Met

Like any high school girl, I would frequent Panera Bread and typically there was a cute guy working. Months after establishing “cute guy” I get a message on Facebook from a stranger saying, “Hey, I do music with my buddy and he wrote a song about you, I know this sounds crazy but I think you should hear it – he doesn’t know I am sending it to you. He works at Panera, you probably see him all the time.” I’m thinking okay, you’ve got the wrong girl, but I do know exactly who you’re talking about … so I listened and the song was about seeing a girl but being so caught up in her presence that he can’t say a word.

Brandi and Patrick's Engagement in Cincinnati, OH

The next week I go into Panera for a pick up order, and I’m waiting at the counter, he has his head down. When he calls, “Brandi” I reply with a thank you and replace the bag with a small red slip of paper on the counter. It said, “I love your song” but I was gone by the time he looked up.

Finally he reaches out to me, and with little small talk asks me out. It was my senior prom weekend, and I was headed to college in the fall – so I’m thinking okay why not, but it will just be a summer thing. We went out and it was just easy – to have conversation, to be myself, to enjoy his company. We kept dating, alllll through college and beyond.

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How They Asked

That morning Patrick had told me he took a few days off of work to look for new jobs and asked if I would help him pick out an outfit. He set out for a haircut and to start his day. I sometimes work weddings as a planner, so I was headed to a final details lunch meeting at a new venue. I got there early and we headed inside, looking around Chelsea took my purse and I thought nothing of it, but she kind of disappeared. When I turned the corner – Patrick was standing there, looking handsome as ever. I froze for a few seconds – because I was 100% surprised and I’m not easily tricked. Just the two of us in a stunning venue, with his own song lyrics on the wall, he asked and I said YES YES YES!

We headed to our favorite lunch spot and later met our families at Hotel Covington to celebrate. He got me good, it was one of the most perfect days – a simple, yet big gesture all in one.

Special Thanks

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 | Custom ring + proposal experience
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Mojave East
 | Venue
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