Brandi and Hunter

how we met

Hunter and I met at our church, we are both musicians and play/sing on the worship team. We both had experienced a death in our family around the same time, which prompted me to reach out to him and check in on him. From then on we talked every day and were engaged 11 months later!

how they asked

Hunter decided on a whim to ask me to marry him. He was talking to a friend about wanting to ask and she said why wait? Just do it! That was on a Wednesday, so on Saturday we were at a Halloween party with our family and friends and after winning the prize for best couple, he told me to look over where a friend of his was holding a canvas where he had painted ” will you marry me?”. I was completely shocked and surprised! He used a painting to ask me because his costume was Bob Ross and I was his canvas. I love our proposal story and am thankful for such a unique, wonderfu l memory.

Special Thanks

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