Brailey and Tom

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How We Met

Tom and I met 4 1/2 years ago, when a friend of mine asked if she could set me up with some guy she knew. Tom was not the guy she was trying to set me up with, but when I saw him I couldn’t stop looking at how cute he was. Lets just say, we left and Tom ended up asking me on a date which, I obviously said yes to.

I am originally from Georgia, but when I first started to date Tom I told him I would be moving to Nashville, and with in 6 months of dating I was packing my bags and moving. I moved to Nashville for music, and he supported me, and still supports me in all I do in this industry. Tom and I ended up doing long distance for about 2 years. At first we were 4 hours apart and then he accepted a job in Orlando, Fl, so we were 10 hours apart. We both were just waiting for a job to open in Nashville, and finally one opened up at Vanderbilt, and he hopped right on it. He ended up moving up here and I finally got a chance to know what it was like to be with him all the time. I knew I would be with him forever.

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how they asked

Tom and I talked about getting married since year 2, but we obviously had to wait for many reasons. This year however, I was itching to just marry him. Tom kept telling me over and over, that it was just not going to happen this year. I had just signed to a new management team, I released my first single, and things were really moving for me, and he did not want to put anymore on my plate. I was super disappointed about it, so I continued telling him it would be okay if he did. He tricked me good, he had the ring SINCE APRIL, and knew he would be proposing to me this summer.

So the weekend of the proposal, I went home because I was throwing a couples shower for one of my best friends. Tom informed me he would not be coming home with me because he had to work. I got pretty mad at him (which now I feel bad about) but went home anyways. He kept in touch with me all weekend, texting me about his day, telling me these elaborate details of the things he was doing, so I thought nothing of it. But the whole time he was in Atlanta, with his family that flew in from New York.

The day of:

Back in June my sister, who is a photographer, asked if I would model for her in this one area that she just found. She wanted to use the photos for promoting her senior pictures. I obviously said yes because I needed ne pictures for my music page anyways. So Sunday, I got up and got ready, packed my things up because I was going to leave from there and head back to Nashville. We get to the site and everything is normal, the pictures were flowing, and then my sister told me to turn my back to her so she could get some good ones of me on the road. Little did I know, Tom was going to be walking up behind me.

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My sister said, “Okay now turn around” and when I did Tom was right behind me. I immediately started to cry. Like ugly cry. I looked at him and said, “I know what you’re doing” and he even started to tear up. Being as nervous has he was, he forgot everything he wanted to say, so all he got out was, “are you ready.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

In that moment was so incredibly happy, but all the sudden, Tom told me to turn around, and my WHOLE family including his, was walking towards us. So of course I started to break down even more.

We snuck off and my sister got some good photos of us, and when I got home, all my friends and family came so we could pop some bubbly. Let me just say, this was by far one of the best days of my life, and I cannot wait to marry this handsome loving man.

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Special Thanks

Hayden Wright
 | Photographer