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How We Met

I was living in NYC at the time and home visiting my family for Christmas. The second last night before I was heading back to New York, one of my girlfriends dragged me out to meet up with a group of friends for drinks. I didn’t want to go, but my friend insisted. Braeden showed up with a group of his guy friends and I noticed him right away as he was someone I had never seen before, plus he was pretty cute! It wasn’t until the very end of the night that Braeden approached me and asked her for my number. There was something different about Braeden from the moment I met him.

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But I said No, but he was persistent and found it anyway. We ended up hanging out on my last night before heading home and we hit it off right away. I went back to NYC, but we continued to talk every day and quickly grew close. He instantly “checked all of my boxes” and we had an undeniable chemistry. But I knew he was the one when for the first time, I knew I wanted to move to Canada. I’d been living in NYC for seven years and was settled in my life there, but meeting Breden changed everything. NYC lost its “glimmer” and I knew “Home” was with him. ❤ I traveled back to Canada to visit Braeden twice in the new year and by the time spring rolled around, I accepted a new job in Canada and relocated back to Toronto. Eight months after moving back, we ended up living together 4 years later, we haven’t looked back.

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how they asked

Our parents had spent the whole summer helping us build a deck and getting the backyard in our new house summer ready, so to return the favour, Braeden and I had promised them we would treat them to a really nice dinner once the summer was over; so when Braeden made reservations at Langdon Hall for dinner the first Friday in September, I didn’t really think anything of it. Langdon hall had always been our favorite place to go for special occasions so I thought this was perfect. The day of, Braeden coordinated a mani/pedi appointment for his mom and I since it was her “birthday week” – saying it was part of her gift.

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Little did I know, he was just making sure my nails were ready to go. Once we left the nail appointment and were heading home to get ready, I received a frantic text from my mom saying she was running late, asking if we could push back the dinner reservation by 30 minutes. I was irritated, Langdon hall reservations are not easy to come by, especially the Friday of a long weekend! When I got home and told Braed, he told me he had already spoken to my mom, called Langdon hall and that they had said that they couldn’t move the reservation, but they could set up a private table for us in the back garden, so we could have a drink while we waited for my parents to arrive.

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When we got to the restaurant, we went straight to the back garden and there was a little white table set up, with a candle and a reserved sign. I still didn’t think anything of this, as Langdon Hall is known for the best service and experience, I figured they felt bad they couldn’t change our reservation time. We sat down, a server came out and we ordered drinks. We sat there for a bit chatting with the server, telling her that this was our “special” spot and that we always like to go there for special occasions. The server left and a moment later returned with a silver tray with two tiny boxes, one wrapped with gold ribbon, the other silver. She continued to tell us that at Langdon Hall, they always like to do something special for their guests and that this was a small treat for us.

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Braeden told me to open mine first, carefully selecting the box that he had come days prior to putting a special note inside. I opened the box and unwrapped the note which read “will you marry me”. I looked up and Braeden was in front of me, down on one knee with the ring in hand. I looked around and there were two photographers that had been hiding in the bushes the entire time and had captured the moment. The server returned, champagne in hand to congratulate us. Little to say, my parents were never meant to meet us there, that had just been Braeden’s sneaky decoy.

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It was the most magical day, perfectly panned and I was totally surprised. Such a great way to start our journey together.

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