Emily and Braden

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How We Met

Braden and I met due to sheer (unintentional) Facebook stalking on my part. :) In November 2015, my cousin was returning home from serving a two year LDS mission in McAllen, Texas. My aunt invited my family to go the airport to welcome my cousin home, but due to work I wasn’t able to go to the airport. The next day, my aunt had posted photos to Facebook. I was anxious to see my cousin so I stood in the kitchen, hovered over my Mom’s shoulder, as she flipped through the photos on her phone. We came to a photo of the group of missionaries, walking towards their families, and paused for a moment to look at it. My cousin was the focal point of the photo (blue suit + red-ish tie), so naturally my eye went to him first. But just to the left of my cousin’s head, ALLLL the way in the back, my eye caught glimpse of a blurry, yet cute face. I immediately reached over my mom, zoomed in on his face, and yelled, “WHO. IS. THAT?!” (Yes, I literally yelled. HAHA!) I then made my Mom immediately take a screen shot of his face and text it to my aunt to find out who he was.

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Fast forward a few days- I was headed to my show at The Velour in Provo, UT and noticed I had a friend request on Facebook. I clicked on the notification and saw I had a friend request from a boy named “Braden” who I didn’t have any mutual friends with. Two years does a bit (hahaha) so it took me a second to recognize who it was, but once I did I laughed, handed my phone to my Mom and said, “LOOK who just requested to be my friend!” We both laughed for a good minute, but didn’t think too much of it. Moments later I hopped onto my Instagram and noticed I had a new follower. Guess who? It was Braden, again! Hilariously, my initial thought was, “Oh crap. What have I done?! What if he’s some creepy fresh of the mission, stalker dude?” HAHAH! Spoiler: He wasn’t any of those things. J We finally met a few days later when he and my cousin came to my show that weekend. My mom awkwardly documented our first hug via Snapchat (I make fun of her for it, but I’m secretly grateful she did) and I thought he was the cutest thing ever. He bravely asked me out, and that is how our forever began.

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how they asked

For Braden’s birthday in May I wanted to do something really fun for him! We previously had talked about our desire to go skydiving, and as I was looking on Groupon a few months prior, I found a killer deal for skydiving tickets at a place in Nephi, Utah called “Skydive the Wasatch.” I knew this would be the best present (for the both of us hahaha) so I purchased tickets! Due to some crappy Utah weather and a last minute family event, we had to reschedule twice, but about a month after we had originally planned to go, we FINALLY set a date to go June 18th, 2016. The night before, we were talking about our fun day planned. Before we had to reschedule, Braden’s Mom had talked about wanting to come and be there when we made it to the ground. I asked Braden if his Mom was still planning on coming to watch and he said, “No, Bruce’s daughter is in town and they are going to go for a hike.” I thought that was odd, but didn’t think much more on it. When the morning arrived, I woke up and was feeling pretty excited. I snap-chatted all my siblings/friends informing them that today was the day I was jumping out of a plane/pray for me! They all responded saying casual things like, “Fun!

Let me know how it goes!” While getting ready, I questioned why I was even getting “ready” because nothing was going to happen! The thought of him proposing while skydiving had previously crossed my mind. And if I could have planned it for him I would have definitely picked a skydiving proposal, because BEST proposal, right? But I was 100% positive and convinced it wasn’t happening for a million different reasons! When I went to say goodbye to my parents they were still sleeping in bed, and didn’t seem the least bit worried that their daughter was about to jump out of an airplane… They simply said, “Love you! Call me when you’ve landed safely.” Hah, ok bye? When I arrived at Braden’s house everything seemed so normal! He was super excited and happy, and his Mom and step-dad, Bruce, were all dressed in their hiking gear, filling up camelbacks for their hike! They gave us a hug, said to call when we were safely on the ground, and left for their “hike.”

Braden and I took the hour drive to “Skydive the Wasatch” in Nephi, Utah. We filled out paperwork, signed our lives away, and watched as others came down from their dive! I was a little nervous, but mostly really excited. Because this was Braden’s birthday celebration and our first time skydiving, I purchased the video package so we could always remember it! They did a little interview of us, asking us questions like, “What are you celebrating?” and “Who’s more nervous?” And I’m over here answering, “Well it’s his birthday! So I got tickets for us to skydive!” Then, looking at Braden, said “Oh, you’re for sure more nervous. Why are you breathing so heavily?” (HAHAHAHA little did I know.) We met our tandem instructors – Braden’s guy was super high energy, and really excited about life! My guy was a quieter and more reserved, which made me nervous feeling like I was for sure going to be jumping to my death – truly just not the vibe I wanted to get from someone who was controlling my parachute! Hahaha (Side note: My guy was really so awesome and turned out to be a really fabulous tandem, everyone J He was probably just nervous about giving away the little surprise that was about to go down.) We hopped into the tiniest plane ever, basically all snuggled up to each other, and headed up.

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On the way up, Braden’s instructor said to my instructor, “Hey, before you jump out, hesitate for a second.” I had not a clue what to think of that and disregarded it, figuring it was a normal part of skydiving. I was feeling really good and excited about it all, until the moment they opened the plane door. It was so SO loud, and I almost lost it as I peeked out and realized how high we actually were… Braden and I had previously decided that I was going to jump out first, so when it was time to jump I looked over at him, squeezed his hand, said a quick, “I love you so much!” and scooted my way toward the door. My legs were out the door and I was physically/mentally prepared to jump to my death, when my tandem guy tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see what he needed, and I saw Braden yelling somethingat me. I was really confused and was like, “Hey babe, I love ya but I’m trying to jump out of a plane here…” I then realized he really was trying to ask me something, so I leaned in closer to hear what he was saying, and heard, “Will you marry me?!”

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In that moment it wasn’t really registering in my brain that he literally just proposed to me. I thought he was simply asking, “Hey, just in case anything happens, will you ensure me that you’d still marry me?” HAHAHA EM (insert face palm). Still not really understanding what was happening; I looked at him, smiled, nodded my head while saying “ya!” and then jumped out the plane. HAHA aka the most anti-climactic, non-enthusiastic answer/response to the most important question of my life!! The rest of my free fall consisted of me having a fight with my brain – “Wait??… Waaaaiitt? What just happened? Did he just propose? No, he didn’t.

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He couldn’t have! My family isn’t even here; his Mom is on a hike… They’d be SO mad if he did this without them here!… But WHAT?!” When my tandem instructor finally pulled the parachute and when I could finally breathe/hear, he said, “Looks like someone’s getting married!” I still couldn’t even piece together what was going on, and it took until I could clearly see the ground to where we were landing, Braden’s Mom’s bright blue sweatshirt she had been wearing earlier, that I realized, “AH! IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! But… wait…Those sneaky people!

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THEY ALL LIED TO ME!” Everyone was totally in on it – my family, his family, the whole Skydive the Wasatch crew and even random people waiting to skydive – and here I am thinking we are celebrating Braden’s birthday! I was caught so off guard and I am apparently the most oblivious person on the planet HAHA!

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Because I jumped out first, poor Braden had to haul bum down with his tandem instructor to beat me to the ground.

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He met me as I landed and walked me over to the sign big sign on the ground that read, “Marry Me?” and gave me a second chance to (accurately and excitedly) answer the easiest “yes” of my life. I surprised him with tickets to skydive and he surprised me with a ring <3 Happiest day of my life!

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