Brad and DiDi

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how we met

Our relationship began as a friendship by seeing each other in the Big Apple, Friday after Friday. I lived in New Jersey while she lived in New York, with about a three hour train ride separating us. Because she worked in the city, I made my way up to see her after she had finished work to spend the evenings with her. Multiple times we would pass by the ice skating rinks in the city and we dreamed of one day ice skating together.

As spring and summer came and went, our friendship blossomed into a loving relationship, placing God at the center of it all. We had now come to another winter together; and with everything going more perfect than we could imagine, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was the one for me and that she felt the same.

I began by asking her parents to have their daughter’s hand in marriage. With overwhelming approval from her parents I began my journey to find the exact ring that she would love and plan a proposal that she would never forget.

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how they asked

Christmas Eve had come, and with all the excitement of the holidays, I wanted to give her the gift of a life-long companion. In remembering our past desires to ice-skate together in NYC, I thought that it would be perfect to pop the question to her on the ice.

I arrived at her house in the morning to have breakfast with her and have, what she thought would be, a relaxing day of watching movies with her and her family. While we were in her living room with her dad, I gave her an envelope and told her that it was an early Christmas present. She opened it and to her surprise it was tickets for two to ice-skate at the Rockefeller Center in NYC!

We hurried to get ready and then took the train from her house to the city. Nervousness began to show through my quietness, so I had decided to make a few stops at some stores along the way to the ice-skating rink to distract from the nervousness. Time sped quickly to 3PM with the planned proposal set for 4PM! I told her that we need to hurry to the rink so that we could get enough time to skate. We made our way in, got our skates, and slid out on to the ice.

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To my surprise, she was very nervous out on the ice and I had to hold her the entire time to keep her from falling. Even though ice-skating was new for her, she was enjoying it very much and we shared many laughs along the way. It was 3:45 and I had become extremely nervous knowing it all was 15 minutes away! We made a couple more rounds and then before I knew it was 4PM and security was asking everyone to leave the ice.

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I stopped one of the security guards to have them take a picture of us together. With us being the only ones on the ice they snapped a couple pictures and then, as planned, I had the Rockefeller Center start playing one of her favorite songs “Marry Me” by Train. She got really excited and began to say, “Hey that’s one of my favorite songs!”

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Me being very nervous, I continued as planned and brought her out to the center of the rink and told her how much I loved her and how it would be an honor to spend the rest of my life with her. I then dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me, she responded, YES!

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With joyful tears in her eyes, I brought her to the side of the rink and I had her look up. To her surprise, she saw that both her family and my family were on the side cheering for her and I. She was so excited and overwhelmed with love. We are so excited for this next season of wedding planning. I am thankful for my family and her family in assisting to make the entire proposal a success. A special thanks to Josiah & Steph Photography for capturing these moments for us to have for the rest of our lives!

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