Brad and Brittany

Brad and Brittany's Engagement in Provincetown, MA

How We Met

Brad and I went to the same high school and grew up in the same small town in Massachusetts. I was a Sophomore and he was a Senior when he asked me through AIM if I would like to go to Starbucks after school. I said yes, and did not have to do much convincing with my parents on letting me get into a car with a senior boy, because my dad coached Brad in football and knew he was a stand up guy. Our first date was filled with talk about our interests and sharing what our favorites were such as food, music, and hobbies. I was very much a girly girl and Brad was into sports and wrestling. We continued seeing each other after our first date. a week or 2 after our first date I ended up getting sick and staying home from school to rest up. I remember later in the afternoon Brad came to the door with my favorite food (chips and salsa) and flowers. After he left my mom said to me “I’m sad you met him first”. I questioned my mom on what she met by that statement and she told me that not every guy would do what Brad did and she was fearful since he was my first real boyfriend that I would appreciate him. Brad continued to put me on a pedestal and treat me like a princess by constantly doing little romantic gestures. Brad ended up going to college in Maine and we broke up during the college years and lost contact. Brad definitely set the bar high for any other person that stepped into my life. After 5 years of no communication my grandmother ran into Brads mom in our small hometown. When my grandmother told me she saw Brads mom I felt like I needed to reach out to her. Me reaching out to her turned into us going out to dinner to catch up. After our dinner I ended up reaching out to Brad hoping that he was doing well and wondering if he would ever want to meet up to catch up. He responded back to me and our conversation was endless. He had graduated college and was settled in Maine which made seeing each other a little difficult because I was settled in Massachusetts. He made his way down to Mass for a visit and it was like we never parted ways. We decided we were going to take another shot at us being together after a couple of weeks. We often met halfway in different spots making the weekends fun but the memories even better. We definitely went through our trying times due to us being so far away. We realized that communication and hearing one another out was going to be the way to make us the most successful. Doing fun activities was fun and all on the weekends but at the end of the day Brad and I wanted to be together and stop doing the long distance. We were able to figure it out where Brad was able to move to down to Massachusetts and we could start our life together!

how they asked

Brad asked me if I wanted to get away for the night and get a hotel room somewhere. We both had Monday off so we were looking at different places to stay on Sunday night. We were looking at different places 45 – hour away but of course I came up with the idea of Provincetown which was going to be more like 3 hours away. Brad questioned us staying so far away and asked me if that was really what I wanted to do. We ended up booking a hotel right on the water with a balcony overlooking the water. I’m a make-up artist and had a wedding Sunday morning so we left early afternoon to the cape! On the drive there I kept on wanting to stop different places but Brad was insisting we get settled in the hotel first and then explore. After check in we got ready for our dinner reservations at 7:00. We enjoyed our dinner and then Brad asked me what I wanted to do after dinner. I was anxious to see the nightlife of Provincetown and enjoy the night. Brad had different plans and said he wanted to go back to the hotel to relax. The Uber came to pick us up and I still tried to convince Brad to change his mind and go out on the town. We ended up back at the hotel and lets just say I was not happy about it. Brad then started walking me towards the beach which again I was not into because I was in jeans and dressed up from dinner. Brad then looked at me and said “do you trust me” I said yes and he proceeded to walk me to the ocean which was at low tied with the sun setting. I looked out into the distance and saw a sign that said “B GETS deuRING” (His last name is Deuring) with roses, candles, and champagne. I started immediately crying asking Brad how he did all of this. As we were walking towards the sign Brad said “I know this isn’t the forth of July so there isnt going to be fireworks but I hope this is okay”. SIDE NOTE- I told Brad I wanted to get proposed to in Provincetown when we dated in high school and I completely forgot I said that. He then brought me to the beautiful set up and Proposed to me with the most beautiful ring. I then looked up and saw my mom and brother pop up out of nowhere and they were able to take pictures of the whole thing! It was by far the best moment of my life and I am going to hold onto that feeling and those memories forever. Brad is truly the man of my dreams and I know that he would go above and beyond for me I would do the same for him. He gave me the proposal of my dreams and I cant wait for him to be my husband.

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