"Boyfriend Tag" Turns Into Marriage Proposal For YouTube Couple

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How We Met

Matt and I have technically known each other since we were kids in elementary school. His twin sister, Mallory and I were on a dance team together and were good friends throughout elementary school. I would also occasionally go to the Bakers’ house in the morning to ride the bus to school with them. I still remember Mrs. Baker quizzing the kids on their weekly spelling words and they also had these really cool bowls with straws on them so you could drink the milk after you ate your cereal. Even if it was just the short time before school, I loved going to their home every morning and being around their sweet family.

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Me with Matt’s twin sister Mallory as kids!

Let’s fast forward to middle school, Matt was a basketball player and I was a cheerleader (how cliche of us). We “dated” for a time back then, which mostly consisted of basketball games and going to the movies in groups. I eventually broke it off just before Valentine’s Day, unable to withstand the pressure of a middle school relationship (sarcasm). Matt and I still joke about his poor pre-teen heart that I broke for reasons I can’t remember and how he probably still has the teddy bear he was going to give me for Valentine’s Day stored away somewhere.

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Fast forward again, past high school, past me moving 700 miles away (and then back), to a college party at which neither of us would normally be. I had been invited to go out with a friend from high school with whom Matt had mutual friends. I remember as we were waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, we were talking about who all would be coming. I heard a couple names I recognized, one of them being Matt Baker. That night, Matt and I hit it off instantly. To an onlooker it must have looked like we’d been dating for months as we held hands, he carried me piggy-back through the snow from bar to bar, and we eventually kissed for the first time. After that night Matt asked me on our first date, confirming my hopes that this wasn’t just a random occurrence but rather something that would stick. And it has.

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The night we reconnected after nearly 7 years and a couple drinks haha!

how they asked

The day Matt asked me to marry him started out as an ordinary Friday. We woke up and walked to a local cafe near my apartment for breakfast and my always necessary morning coffee. We sat by the window and talked and joked, enjoying each other’s company like we always do. I instagram-ed my coffee and blueberry muffin and he helped me think of a clever caption (he’s the best as those) before we walked back to get ready for the day.

The plan for the afternoon (to my knowledge) was to film a video for my YouTube channel before heading off to his parents’ for a Christmas photo session. The video we were filming was a long time coming, a popular tag video in the YouTube world called the “Boyfriend Tag”. In these videos, the girlfriend puts boyfriend to the test by asking him a series of questions about their relationship together and random things about her. Little did I know, Matt had something up his sleeve and in his back pocket, literally, the whole time.

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Matt was an absolute champ as I grilled him with 30 questions, some easy and some not so easy. I’m even prouder watching it back knowing what must have been on his mind the whole time, and he still killed it! Just as I was wrapping up the video and saying goodbye, Matt nudges me and says he has a few questions of his own. At first I protested, “No! This is a boyfriend tag.. you don’t get to ask me questions.” But after he told me he had prepared just a few, I complied and now I was in the hot seat. He started out by having me reminisce on dates we’ve been on and asking me which was my favorite. His second question was asking me what the date was that day and this was honestly where I started to get curious.

I got the date wrong the first time haha! After I got it correct he had me recite It to him- December 9th, 2016. And then for his third question he stood up, pulled a small red box from his back pocket and dropped down on one knee.

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My face in the video tells it all! I was so shocked, it didn’t feel real! With tears in his eyes and the slightest shake in his voice, he looked in my eyes and asked me, “Katie, will you marry me?” I had to ask him if this was real, I mean two minutes ago we were just casually filming a video and now here he was on one knee. I’m pretty sure I set the record for the amount of times a girl has said “no” and “stop” during a proposal but actually means “yes, of course!”

After the proposal, we took photos, opened gifts, and joined friends and family to celebrate at our engagement party! It was such a special day. The best part is that we now have the moment recorded on video forever. I can’t imagine a way he could have asked me to be his forever that would have been more “us” than that. And finding out all the details that went into it afterward only made it even more perfect like him asking my mom to invite me over for mani/pedis the night before because he knew I wanted my nails to be painted or the fact that he had my photographer best friend right outside to capture us in photos minutes after he popped the question.

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Since we posted the video, we have had so many people tell us how sweet it is and how they can see the love we have for each other.

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We’ve had perfect strangers tell us it brought them to tears of joy and it reminded them of the moment they got engaged. We are so happy to be able to share this exciting time with everyone and hope it inspires anyone who comes across it!

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Our Video

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