Boston Scavenger Hunt Proposal


How we met: Funny story actually, because it was just about 2 years ago today we met in a local bar. Yes, I know, who would’ve ever thought a local bar? Both of us laugh about it everyday we share the story with friends and family. However, that is not the funniest thing about the start of our relationship. It was the Summer I just got out of the Marine Corps after nearly 10 years of being away from NH, and things were crazy and hectic.

After we had met, we did not hang out with eachother for about 2 months or so. We had chatted via text messages a few times, but nothing serious really came from it. Then, one day I decided to send Shawna a funny text to re-engage her with something along the lines of ” I’m bored…lets go to Vegas and get married by the fattest Elvis impersonator we can find!

The message worked, and we hung out a few days later, and out first date was a scavenger hunt, to where the winner had bragging rights. She won of course ( no , I did not let her win), and at the end of the date we went somewhere quiet to talk and get to know each other more.

It was love from that moment out…

How I asked: My recent return from Afghanistan, and out long distance relationship together after 12 months, had me thinking that if we could make it through a year in combat, we could make it through anything together. This led me thinking to what would be more surprising to propose to her on her birthday weekend, so that way she would never expect it.

Since out first date was a scavenger hunt, I had re-enacted the date, with a scavenger hunt all day to end with a flashmob in Boston.

Her first clue came from her mother, with an iPad and a video from me telling her that there was no breakfast this morning but a wonderful scavenger hunt to have fun with all day.

From there, it was on to her mothers house, where a limo and two of her friends would be waiting to accompany her along her trip. By the photos and the talks after, she had no clue and was surprised. At this point, she still thought everything was for her Birthday.




The next clue led to a little place we use to frequent for date night, to where they had a wonderful lunch and got some quality time in. After lunch, I sent her and her friends to get their nails and feet done before they headed to Boston.


From the spa, the girls took the limo to Neiman Marcus in Boston for some dress shopping , and at this time, the tears were coming down, as she was so overwhelmed… (But still no expectations for a proposal).



After dress shopping it was on to the Boston Harbor Hotel to get ready and to be downstairs for the flashmob. At this point she was getting really anxious but still had no clue.

At 7pm, she was greeted by my best friend and taken across the street for a flashmob, to where at the end I came in and asked her to be my wife.







What was really cool, was all her friends and family were there which gave it that extra special touch.