Boston Marathon Proposals

What’s hot, hot, hot today? Boston Marathon Proposals are, and we couldn’t be cheering any louder for these happy couples! We’ve already got four proposals from the marathon to share with you and will update the post as we hear of more!

Boston Marathon Proposal #1: Runner Greg Picklesiner dropped to one knee at the finish line and proposed to his girlfriend Carla! Greg told CBS: “After last year, I realized the people you love and your life can be taken so quickly,” he said. “I didn’t want to lose that so I decided to come back and seal the deal.”

Boston Marathon Proposals

Boston Marathon Proposal #2: A second Greg! Greg Hartline, proposed to his girlfriend Kendra.

proposal at the boston marathon

Boston Marathon Proposal #3: John and Jodi got engaged on the sidelines at Heartbreak Hill.

boston marathon proposals

Boston Marathon Proposal #4: Tom Louden was set to run his seventh marathon this year, but he sadly suffered an injury that took him out of the race. With reservations to spend the weekend in Boston, he and his girlfriend Mary decided to head there anyways. On Saturday before the marathon, Louden popped the question at the finish line of “the greatest marathon in the world”.

Boston Marathon Proposals

Boston Marathon Proposals honestly might have beat out Christmas proposals and we know why: exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just want to get married!!

If you know someone who got engaged at the Boston Marathon, email us!