Boomer and Sarah

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How We Met

Sarah and I met accidentally taking a trip together! What I mean by accidentally is we had a mutual friend but didn’t really know each other. It was the 3 of us going on a trip to Arizona together but last minute our mutual friend backed out. Even though Sarah and I didn’t really know each other we decided to take the risk and go on the trip and it ended up being a BLAST! I asked her out on a couple dates after the trip and the rest was history:)

how they asked

It was quite the adventure May 15th when I crafted the perfect plan to propose to Sarah. Me and a couple friends gave her the best day ever without her knowing that it was us between it. We were one step ahead of her with awesome surprises happening throughout the whole day. There were lots of obstacles that kept us on our toes but all in all the day was a complete success!

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If I were you… I would watch the video :)

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