Bonnie and Ryan

Ryan and I met in our church youth group 14 years ago and have grown up together ever since. I spent lots of weekends going on different adventures with Ryan and his sister, Stephanie. We have gone on several mission trips together, and even dated once in high school. A spark ignited one day and our friendship grew to like, and from like to love. We began dating in 2013 and one adventure has led to another.

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Ryan planned a proposal that we will remember for the rest of our lives!

We began our day by going to Georgetown in the afternoon and then meeting my best friend Bekah and her husband, Brad for dinner that evening. Bekah was in touch with me throughout the week about our plans for dinner – what time to meet, what to wear, where we were going. So, of course I passed the word along to Ryan because I had all the current information. If anything, I thought he might have proposed in Georgetown since Bekah and I were “planning” dinner. I found out later that it was Ryan’s plan all along for me to think that.

When we got to Baltimore, I tried to locate the dinner place Bekah had told me with my GPS. The GPS decided to give me a location that didn’t exist that was apparently 34 minutes away from where we parked. Ryan encouraged me to go up to Fed Hill with him to get a picture of us with the sunset and then meet our friends.

We strolled up the stairs and continued over to the ledge of the hill walking by the canons. I started looking towards our right at the park as Ryan directed my attention to the harbor on our left by saying, “Oh wow, look at the carousel. Oh, there’s a tent over there. Hey, is that the Aquarium? And the Rusty Scupper…”

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I’m thinking…why is he talking about all these things we have seen most of our lives now? He wanted to make sure I didn’t see Bekah and Brad hiding behind the bushes with their cameras capturing each moment. At this point, I had NO idea he was even going to propose. We walked a little farther and he paused for a moment. He put his arms around me and started talking about what a wonderful day we had so far. Then he asked if he could tell me some things. So he began by talking about how wonderful our relationship is and how he is excited to see what the future holds.

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Then, he then got down on one knee and pulled out a box. He looked up into my eyes and in a shaky confident voice asked, “Bonnie Boczek, will you marry me?”

I excitedly replied, “Yes! Absolutely yes! Stand up so I can hug you!” He put the ring on my finger and there was lots of hugging and excitement. Before I knew it, Bekah and Brad came out from their hiding spots.

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I was later told that where I thought we were going for dinner was not actually what Ryan had planned. Ryan kept saying, “There are more surprises to come!” We headed to The Belvedere and to the restaurant called the 13th Floor to have dinner and celebrate our engagement. This happened to be the same restaurant where Ryan’s dad proposed to his mom 32 years ago.

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We ate dinner and celebrated with the city lights in the background. While we were eating the pianist stopped and announced, “This next song is dedicated to Bonnie and Ryan who got engaged tonight.” Ryan thought of everything!

So much thought and care went in to planning this day for us. I am so blessed to have this godly man in my life! The proposal day was more than a story – it was the start of a new journey that will lead to our next greatest adventure of our lives – marriage! I get to marry my best friend and love him forever.

Image 9 of Bonnie and Ryan

Photos by Bekah Kay Creative