Bonnie and Darin

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How We Met

Darin and I grew up about 10 minutes from each other in the Seattle area, but didn’t meet until we both traveled to Southern California and attended the same college. We were introduced through a mutual friend my freshmen year (his sophomore) and instantly clicked. We have always been so comfortable with each other! We dated for a couple months then decided to be just friends as I needed some time for myself. We remained best friends and talked everyday. We were always special to each other and a year and a half later, we got back together. Darin had waited for me and it was definitely worth it! We’ve been so happy ever since and love each other more every day.

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how they asked

The day after Christmas, Darin told me had a whole day planned for the two of us. It started with brunch at Portage Bay Cafe, a Seattle classic. I think it’s safe to say every great day starts off with mimosas. Next, he took me to my favorite nail salon and we got our nails done. A first for him, but he secretly loved it. Then we headed home and napped and watched Netflix because we couldn’t last all day being away from our Boxer puppy, Petey. Next, we headed to our favorite neighborhood Mexican spot for some margaritas and chips & salsa. When we got back home, the whole apartment was decorated in christmas lights! He told me he had some elves helping him out and just wanted to set a romantic mood. We enjoyed some champagne left by the elves (later found out it was his brother and his girlfriend) and headed to dinner. We dined at the cutest Italian restaurant under Pike Place Market. As we ate our pasta, Darin let me know we had one more stop. He had a car service pick us up from dinner and take us to a mystery location. When we arrived, I realized we were at the Columbia Tower, the tallest building in Seattle. The lobby was empty and Darin blindfolded me with a tie I had bought him freshmen year. Very nervous and excited, he guided me to elevators that took us up 73 floors. He positioned me and told me to wait 2 minutes. I was shaking and begged him to hurry up! He took the blindfold off and was on one knee with the ring out. He had surrounded us with Christmas lights and had the Seattle skyline in the background. He proposed, we cried, kissed and celebrated! He had rented out the viewing floor so we had it all to ourselves. It was so amazing and we will remember it forever!

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This is us on NYE at a wedding after the proposal! Finally my fiancee!