Bonnaroo Proposal - John and Cat

mWkfssJHow We Met: We met over 3 years ago, we both worked at my good friend’s ADT phone sales office (worst job ever). I was the floor manager and she had just started working. We had some mutual friends but had never met prior to her starting. I thought she was beautiful from the day she started but felt she was wayyyyy out of my league. Plus I never thought you should date/hook up with someone you worked with, especially someone who I supervised.

About a month went by and we were still just co-workers, we talked on break but nothing serious. Around this time my good friend started to work with us and he lived nearby Cat. I was the only one with a car so I started to give both him and her rides to and from work.

One day Cat brought some cookies in the car, she only had two, one for her and one for me. I was like “oh shit I think this girl likes me.” But I couldn’t be sure. I never had a girl come on to me before so I was oblivious to any other signs she could’ve been giving prior to the cookie exchange.

I went to my boss later that day and told him about said cookie. He told me I was being stupid and she was just being nice.

Later that night I was dropping her off after work and she asked me what I was doing for Fourth of July and if I wanted to do something with her. I obviously agreed and from then on it was beautiful.

We moved in together after a little less than a year, and our relationship got stronger by the day.

how they asked: In late 2013 or early 2014 I decided that I wanted to propose. I knew this was the girl I wanted to marry for a long time but I knew I wanted it to be special.

Bonnaroo is a special place for both of us, the music, the people, the atmosphere is all perfect I knew that’s where I had to do it. I thought about doing it quietly but I wanted the magic of Bonnaroo to be incorporated into it.

I went on Reddit with a throwaway account and asked for help. The ideas and offers came flying in, she actually brought up the thread with me later that day and I played it off like I didn’t see it.

After months of planning, a few secret Facebook groups to help with organizing, days of stress and ring shopping/designing andmainly due to the help of the amazing people I met on Reddit, I was able to pull it all together.

One friend brought flowers, another learned “Dead Sea” by the Lumineers (one of our favorite bands and favorite songs), the others came with a will to help.

Bonnaroo ProposalEverything didn’t go 100% as planned, they actually walked in and went the wrong way so there was 15 minutes of pure stress before I actually saw her come over.

When people began to hand her flowers she thought it was a parade going on and told them “I think other people want flowers” as the line continued to hand them to her. I got down on one knee for what felt like forever before she turned around.

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 9.27.34 AM

We cried and hugged and kissed and lived on cloud 9 for the rest of that weekend.

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 9.26.48 AM