Bodean and Luke

How We Met: We are high school sweethearts. We met in middle school, but were only friends of friends at the time. Just until we had a couple high school classes in a row did we start noticing each other. Over the years we grew together. I was raised in the country, everything including mountains, lakes and sagebrush. With that being said, I had never actually been to the ocean or a bigger city. For our 3-year anniversary, he ended up taking me to San Francisco.  There next to San Francisco is Stinson Beach. I was in Awe. I loved every bit of it, the sand, the waves, being with my love, everything. The feeling when I was there was indescribable.

how they asked: His and my family rides motorcycles and street bikes including Luke and I. A couple years after the beach anniversary trip, I kept asking him what he wanted to do for his birthday. Since the beginning of the year he kept saying he wanted to get a big group together and go on a ride to the coast.  We had it all planned out.  We gathered our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, friends and even my niece for a ride and a nice picnic on Stinson Beach for his birthday.

Or so I thought…

We arrived at the beach after a long ride. We all gathered beach/picnic supplies and headed out towards the waves.  As we set out the blankets and the food just seems like an ordinary birthday get together celebration with family and friends.

Luke gets up and says, “Let’s take a walk down to the water” and reaches his hand out to pull me up.  As we’re walking he’s talking about the first time he had brought me to see the ocean in that exact area.  Finally we get to the edge of the water and I dip my toes in. Then I hear, ‘Turn around”. I turn around and was in absolute disbelief. He’s down on one knee with a beautiful ring asking, “Will you marry me?”


He said a lot more yet I don’t remember all of it due to the fact that I was still trying to wrap my head around what was going on. I nodded yes and he put the ring on.


Crying already, I looked up to see our family and friends holding up a sign that said, “Bodean will you marry me?”


That was the greatest moment/surprise of my life.