Bobo and Trevor

Where to Propose in Vancouver Christmas Market

How We Met

We met at a music video shoot of our mutual friend. We were dancing at the back (neither of us is dancers…), and Trevor really caught my attention because he was trying really hard, even though he really wasn’t born to be a dancer, it was SO cute. I’ve always believed in “destiny” but never really thought those magical stories would happen to me.

Then, about 2 months later, I was shooting a charity event, even though I don’t usually cover events, I decided to do it because it was for a good cause. As I walked into the venue, there was a beautiful white piano set in the middle of the room, and a handsome pianist was sitting behind it, moving his magical fingers and playing some beautiful things. Obviously, he caught my eye right away. I then went to snap some photos of him and that’s how we started chatting. We realized we’ve met previously at the music video shoot, and he got my Facebook. Our story began there…

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Vancouver Christmas Market

How They Asked

We were supposed to have a double date to the Christmas Market with Trev’s brother & his girlfriend. It started snowing like crazy in the morning, which is super rare for Vancouver, I was drooling over the snow but I could tell that Trev was nervous all day.

After we got to the Christmas Market, everything was just as normal… We ran into a couple of our friends, I didn’t think much. But when we saw ANOTHER friend of ours, and she passed a guitar to Trevor, my brain just went like WHAT IS HAPPENING… Then he held my hand, took me through the crowd, and started playing his guitar… When all of this was happening, there was music, of course, but not just your regular background music, there was a 40-person choir along with some of our most talented singer friends on top of the Christmas tower… Trevor started telling me all the things he loves about me, and about us, and then he went down on his knee, and… PROPOSED!

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