Nicole and Bobby

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How we met

Our love story began in May 2013 in a minivan on a 17-hour road trip down to St. Augustine, Florida for our mutual friends’ destination wedding. We were both in the wedding party and from the same town of Bloomington, Illinois. We knew of each other but hadn’t spent any personal time together. We were both just trying to share the long trip with someone else and were suggested towards one another by other friends. Hours into the trip and long conversations in, we both realized there might be something more there than just a road trip acquaintance.

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The next 8 days at the beach house were full of friends, drinks, sand, sun, laughter and love. We were inseparable the entire trip. When we left Illinois, we were both questioning the next steps in our life and by the time we left Florida we knew that the future was in our favor. We fell in love on that trip and have been together ever since.

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how they asked

By August 2015, we were celebrating our official dating 2-year anniversary seeing our favorite band, The Foo Fighters, at Bobby’s favorite place in the world, Wrigley Field. Before the concert started we went to take a picture in front of the iconic marquee.

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After a few normal pictures, taken by a total stranger, I looked down and saw Bobby on one knee. In total shock and surprise, I said yes and the crowd outside the stadium began to cheer. The sold-out concert was the perfect place for us to celebrate our engagement. There may have been 45,000 people watching the show that night, but it felt like Dave Grohl was singing just for us.

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