Bobby and Mariah

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how we met

So, as much as I’d love to say the way Bobby and I met was cute and romantic, and that we instantly fell in love, it wasn’t quite like that. But I will tell you about when we did fall in love. Quite frankly, we knew each other through mutual friends but we were both fighting some of the same demons at the same time, and we were there for each other. We quickly became close friends, and then best friends. Bobby was set on us being an “us” whereas I was a little bit against it. Only because he was such a great friend in my life, that I was terrified to lose that if things didn’t work out. But let me tell you, he’s a persistent little fella. Besides his normal being there for me, he went above and beyond. He made me feel like the only woman on this whole planet that mattered, he took the time to know me better than anyone else did. He sent flowers to my work with an adorable card that read “I’ll be your pooh bear if you’ll be my honey” (knowing full well my love of Winnie the Pooh), he bought me the (at the time) new Winnie the Pooh movie, showed up at my house with ‘Lucky Duck’ brand wine and in all honesty what really won me over, he made me the best guacamole I had ever tasted. I was sold. I decided to give “us” a shot. And boy am I so glad I did. Just like that Bobby Duck quickly became the love of my life AND my best friend. He stole my heart, and now I am stealing his last name. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

how they asked

With Bobby being active duty, we knew we would be moving soon. We had thrown around the idea of getting married a few times, and decided we would go for it before we got to a new base. Moving with the military is next to impossible to do as a couple, if you aren’t married. We both talked about it, and I knew he was the man I would spend forever with. So, I knew we would get engaged sometime in the near future, but not sure WHEN. Well, our great photographer, who is also a good friend of mine, posted on FB that she wanted to do an engagement shoot at the state fair which was a month or so away. I told her we weren’t engaged, but we would do a couples shoot! She was excited and so were we. I love LOVE themed shoots! We picked a date and outfits and it was all planned out. I had this great idea of doing an announcement (for whenever we did get engaged) of Bobby proposing to me and I would be holding balloons and the balloons would say “She said YES!” I asked Maura (our photographer) if we could take a picture like that and save it, for whenever we did get engaged and decide to announce it. She was totally up for it! Well, little did I know, my incredible (now) husband had a different plan. The day before we went to take pictures, he wrote Maura and told her that he was planning to actually propose to me during the pictures. Now, anyone who knows me, knows I have ALWAYS wanted someone to photograph my proposal. So, fast forward to the next day. We get to the fair and Maura says “Well, let’s do your announcement picture real quick before we get started” I’ve got the balloons and it’s windy as heck so trying to keep them in order is next to impossible. I ask Maura what she wants me to do, and she says “Just take the picture! I’ll photoshop it later!” So, I turn and look, and my sweetest Bobby, who is on one knee mind you says “Mariah Sandoval, Will you marry me?”

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Now, the part I hate admitting… Bobby is a HUGE joker 99.9% of the time (you kinda have to be with the last name ‘Duck’), so I thought he was just being his usual silly self, and I rolled my eyes in my usual fashion. Well, I look down and Voila! He has got the most perfect ring in his hands!! And the only words I can get out are “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” And in his joking manner he says “No, I’m kidding….. OF COURSE I’M SERIOUS YOU DWEEB!” And that was the day I said “Yes” to becoming Mrs. Duck… & it was all captured on camera!

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Maura Jane Photography
 | Photographer