Bobbi-Jo and Jared

Where to Propose in Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

We met at the beach, though friends. It was night and i came to meet up with some of my girlfriends. I walked up to the group and Jared, my now fiancé, was playing the guitar, jamming with his mate, i immediately noticed him. we chatted as a group for quite some time before making our way down to the water. We walked along the waters edge in the moonlight chatting about anything and everything, getting acquainted. To end the night the boys lit tennis balls on fire and threw them in the air creating our own version of fireworks. It was sight to see, making the night even more memorable for me. We went our seperate ways and didn’t see each other for months.

how they asked

It was a normal Tuesday morning, Jared left for work before the sun came up and I was up not long after. 9.30am came around this and my boss asked to see me in the office. I immediately thought i was in trouble. She lead me into the staff room where Jared was standing with a change of clothes for me. It took awhile to hit me. I looked out the window noticed the black limo and the brand new go pro in his hand filming my reaction.

I cried because i realised these were the ‘fireworks’ he had been talking about every time I asked him for a ring. I changed as quick as I could and he escorted me out and into the limo. We sat close in the limo and I tried to gather myself together to ask questions. He held me as i cried. I couldn’t believe the day was here. We drove from Goonellabah to the Gold Coast airport. When we got out the limo driver opened the trunk to reveal our bags packed for a trip away. We flew from Gold Coast to Sydney, and then from Sydney to Hawaii.

Our first night in Hawaii we stayed in Waikiki. We explored the shops and the beach. He kept saying this trip was all about me. He let me go on a shopping spree and we all know guys do NOT like shopping with girls. We stayed at the Trump international with a view of the ocean. ‘Only the best for my girl’ he said. The next day we packed our bags and were off to Maui, another island close by. Our first day on Maui was spent driving around, enjoying the scenery, swimming and drinking by the pool. We stayed at a high end resort where the staff made you feel important and wealthy! The second day we explored more and had spa treatments together. I had my nails done while he had a massage.

While i was in the spa he organised all the finishing touches for the night ahead. He told me to throw something new on that we had bought and be ready by 5 sharp. He explained we were off to dinner at an exclusive exotic restaurant along the beach. We stopped along a secluded beach and he asked me to walk ahead and see if i could see the place. We walked along the beach and around the bend looking for this ‘exotic restaurant’. I wandered off taking in the scenery, while he stayed up on the sand. When i walked back towards him, i could see something in his eyes. He went all ‘gooey’ on me. He got down on one knee. Told me the story of how we first met on the beach and how he knew from them that I was going to be his girl. I cried and of course said yes!

After the hard part was over for him he pointed out the secret photographer he had planned earlier in the bushes. I cried even more. We had a small engagement t photo shoot soon after along this secret beach, another black rubble beach and a beautiful black sane beach at sunset. The amount of trouble he went through to plan this for me amazes me. He had been planning all this for 6 months.

In the car ride to the restaurant to celebrate our engagement he revealed he had two rings. The first ring he bought for me 4 years ago and hid it in our house, right under my nose. In the past couple of months he realised my taste in rings had changed and he went out and bought me a new one. A Tiffany one at that. ‘Only the best for my girl’ he would say. The rest of the trip we spent on different islands, snorkelling, swimming and enjoying our much needed holiday. This holiday is by far my most favourite.

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