Megan and Michael's Boat Marriage Proposal

Image 1 of Megan and Michael's Boat Marriage ProposalHow We Met: Michael and I met in 2009 at university in Chicago, Lake Forest College, during our first week of school. He was immediately drawn to my asking my friends to introduce us. Because he was a hockey player and they have a reputation of being “players” I immediately declined their offer of introduction. However, after giving him a chance I quickly realized how wrong this stereotype was.

It did not take long for my to fall head over heals for this amazing man. He is from Toronto, ON and I am from Seattle, WA…two completely different worlds! However, through our 6 years of dating, we never once let the distance get between us. We spent summers apart, usually visiting each other twice (once in Seattle and once in Toronto).

When graduation rolled around, I made the decision to move to Canada where Michael and I could start our lives together (this was two years ago!). I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have someone in my life who makes me feel so special every day.

how they asked: On the eve of our engagement, Michael asked my mother and father for their permission to marry me and they embraced him as one of their own! My dad even adding in a “what took you so long”! We were on a trip with my family in the San Juan Islands (just off the coast of Washington) which is very close to the boarder of Canada.

With that in mind, my father suggested not to do it in one place or the other but rather to do it in both, on the boarder on a boat ride – a Canadian-American proposal to include both countries we are from. So on July 2, Michael and my brother, Braden, coaxed me into going on a boat ride. It was suggested that we take a ride to the border to take a picture as this could be “really cool”. With zero recollection of what was about to happen, I eagerly agreed and we set out on what was about to be my favorite boat ride yet!

We followed the boat gps to the Canadian border where Braden motioned to Michael to come sit next to me for a picture. We took the picture and I still had no idea what was happening until Michael was down on one knee.

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He took my hand and promised to provide me with the best life that he possibly could. With tears running down my face, I happily shouted “YES!”

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I couldn’t think of a better place to agree to spend my life with Michael than right on the border of Canada and America! We headed back to the marina where we were greeted with loads of champagne and partied the night away!

I wish I could replay this day every day…my favorite day yet!

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