Bo and Tinsley

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How We Met

We went to rival high schools, but never met until we both left our hometown. We finally met for the first time at the church we both attend.

How They Asked

I had asked one of my college teammates to come and visit so that he could document everything; this wasn’t out of the ordinary since he often has his GoPro on him when we go hiking or boating. We went to the top of Chimney Rock, NC and after hiking around for awhile (looking for a good spot!), my buddy asked to take our picture since it was such a great backdrop, but we had both forgotten that he had the ring in his pocket! When I got down on one knee to ask her, I had him toss me the ring (luckily he was a college baseball player) despite us being on the side of a mountain! Lucky for us, it was a perfect toss and catch; lucky for me, she said yes.