Jessica and Bo

Image 1 of Jessica and Bo

How we met: My senior year of high school was such an exciting year. My friends and I were getting ready to go off to college and were having as much fun as we could together. We have mutual friends from another high school, one of them being Bo ( my now fiancé). At the time my friends always told me how he though I was cute and wanted to talk to me but I laugh at it now about how I had no interest in that happening. One night at our friend Kaycee’s house we got to talking and YES we were flirting! I tried to hide back my feelings because I didn’t want to start anything up before leaving for college. He told me how he was in the U.S Army and was heading down to Tampa for college. When he told me he was in the Army I actually was taken aback by that and then lost interest (such irony for where I am today).

Come 1 year later we were celebrating a friends birthday down the Jersey Shore. It was the summer after our freshmen year of college. Bo had gotten my number from a friend of ours asking if I was going to be there that night. Once I arrived all my friends kept telling me how he was very excited that I was coming. The funny part of this story is how we hit it off and got to talking again. At the time we both loved coors light beer (total freshmen lol). I had brought some to this party and offered him one….yes it was soooo romantic. We got to talking and he asked If I would like to go on a walk with him down the board walk. A walk that would change my life forever. We stayed up all night walking down the board walk just talking and holding hands. A true surprise because I did not expect that from him.

He asked me one the corniest things I have ever heard in my entire life and at that moment I realized how he wasn’t going to stop! When we walked back he asked me, “Have you ever seen the sun rise on the ocean?” I of course answered “no”, and he replied, “well your going to tonight.” Oh how I should have known how when Bo wants something he isn’t going to stop until he gets it! We walked to the ocean and laid down some towels and watched the some come up ( in between making out of course lol) Bo had me wrapped around his finger & I didn’t even know it yet. Later that morning he asked me If I would like to come over for a bbq at his house later that afternoon, oh and btw he said a “small” bbq. At that time I could not help to think but slow down there is no way I am showing up to that. I politely told him yeah I will try and come with no intention of going, but I guess fate had other things in store for me.

Once he left I quickly said goodbye to everyone and got in my car to head back up the highway to my house. Well as I was pulling into my drive way after driving more then an hour to get home, my friend sends me a text that her car keys might be in the back of my car and YUP. Of course they were. Which obviously meant I had to drive back down to get them to her. As I was pulling into the parking lot of where she was I got a text from Bo asking if I was going to come. My heart sank, I felt guilty for running off and didn’t know what to do. Of course all my friends had been trying to get us together so they wanted me to go, and that I did. So back to the “small bbq”. My heart racing, I pull up to his house and learned quickly he has a big, tight knit, family. I was in total shock and very shy. He went around introducing me and of course family members asking if we were dating and I quickly responded, “No!”. Well, I should have again known Bo and how persitant he is to get what he wants. That night was fun getting to know them, and that night led to a date, to another date. To well this actually might be something.

Sadly, the summer of 2010 came to an end and it was time for us to part ways to go back to college. Since he was going to school in Tampa & I was in PA, we decided not to try the long distance thing. I was too scared for that & figured it was fun while it lasted. Little did we know how true the phrase is, “ Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” The longer we were apart the more our feelings developed for each other. Finally, in February 2011 we made it “official” or according to our generation “facebook Official.” And the rest was history….

how they asked: Bo & I were now living in our first house together. The Army had brought us to Fort Hood, TX. We had been together for a little over 4 years at that point and the talk of getting engaged had come up from time to time. I was so excited because one of those days in our new home Bo asked me if I would like to go look at rings with him. DUH, of course I would, I had been waiting so long for him to ask. I felt bad for him because I am a very indecisive person, which meant I changed my mind about the rings I liked a lot! Eventually it came down to a few that I loved. Well little did I know that Bo was planning a big surprise for me, which was of course the proposal. But thanks to the good old Army that all was going to change very quickly. We found out just a week later that Bo was going to be deployed within the month. I was in total shock of how quickly he was leaving after we just got here.

Again, now knowing Bo, when he wants something he is going to do anything to make that happen. He didn’t want to wait to come back from a deployment to ask me to be his wife, he wasn’t going to let the Army ruin his plans. About 2 weeks later we were heading up to Notre Dame to visit his family and see his brother who goes to college there and plays basketball. What I didn’t know was that most of them knew what was going to happen that day we got there. Bo had contacted his brother about getting the sign made and to hide in the bushes of the grotto and to roll it open while we were taking pictures. Once we all got there the grotto was packed and as you could imagine in was the day before a football game so many people were passing through. When Bo and I were taking a picture alone I could feel his heart pounding out of his chest. It was at that moment I knew exactly what was about to happen. Suddenly the grotto went silent & I saw everything backing away. I turned around and I read the sign that I had seen from the corner of my eye. I do not like being the center of attention so with that I was battling emotions of the biggest, cheesest, smile across my face, and the oh my gosh this is so embarrassing. But that didn’t stop me from hearing what he had to say down on one knee and finishing with “Will you marry me?” Of course I said yes! I had never seen Bo so happy and I was so happy knowing everything we did for each other had been worth it.

Image 2 of Jessica and BoEven though he is deployed now, were engaged, and Bo proved again that he wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted. I am more then thankful to be marrying a man that will do anything to make something possibly in any given circumstance. I can not wait for him to come home and we can finally be husband & wife!