Blythe and Yuriy

How We Met

At a bonfire the night before a conference we both attended, sometime after 10 pm, toasting the perfect marshmallows over a bonfire! Yuriy said hi first but I made sure we exchanged phone numbers by the end of the evening, after several hours of conversation :)

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How They Asked

The day began on a crisp Sunday morning. Both of us woke up early to get dressed up and watch the sunrise to celebrate seven beautiful months together.

As we got closer to the location I realized we were headed to the place we took our first hike together. The snow had fallen that Friday and was still lightly blanketing patches of the ground. The air was still and quiet; we took a deep breath and made our first steps up the steep incline to where the lookout points were. Along the path, I noticed on the ground a stray flower, one of my favorites! There was no way it got there by itself…

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At the top of the hill, we paused and looked out to see the orange glow of the sun streaked across the sky and the autumnal trees painting the landscape in beautiful bright colors. Before proceeding I saw yet another one of those flowers on the ground; this was no coincidence.
Further, we walked on and upwards toward a higher lookout point, but this time I noticed there waiting for us was a picnic blanket set with a beautiful gold vase of flowers for me, and a tray with two teacups and a thermos of hot tea.

Boldly I walked toward it and turned to face my love. He began to make a beautiful vow (of which he wrote down in case I wasn’t listening) and got down on one knee to present the ring. As he did I could no longer bear all of the flooding emotions and collapsed on his bended knee ugly crying and embracing him, saying “of course!” As I lifted my head to see the ring through tear-filled eyes, I noticed we were not alone! The sound of a camera shutter went off behind us. We had previously discussed whether to hire a photographer for our eventual proposal (wondering if it would take away from the moment) but when I saw who it was I was undone. Yuriy had secretly flown out my older sister, a Seattle based wedding photographer, to capture and share this moment with us!

I can now say it was a great decision to hire a professional photographer, and not just because it was my sister!! Our proposal was still just as private and heartfelt as I dreamed it would be. After she gave us time to be alone and drink some tea together, we did a few posed pictures, and it was fun! It was effortless for us because we had direction from an expert. There was no need to worry about how to pose, or smile. We were so full of joy and love for each other that it didn’t turn into something that distracted from that moment, but rather added to the celebration of it! Having those pictures are so special and help us to reminisce about that beauty morning

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