Blythe and Somon

how we met

We met in college through a mutual friend. Our first date together was at the town’s local pizza restaurant. Blythe’s beauty caught my attention, but I fell in love because of her personality. Blythe is caring, empathetic and thoughtful. She speaks louder with her actions than words. Somon was definitely eye catching! The first day we met I couldn’t stop smiling. I normally take things a bit too seriously and Somon always knows what to say to put a smile on my face and make me laugh. We have been through a lot together and have always been supportive of one another.

how they asked

Somon: For the surprise proposal I decided to do it in Paris. Blythe had been there before and always spoke highly of the food, wine, and scenery. She also speaks French so didn’t hurt that I had a tour guide and translator! I wanted to do something that was going to be elaborate and somewhat over-the-top considering the circumstances. Blythe has been to Paris a few times and shared stories of how lovely and romantic it is. Coincidentally, one of my golf buddies shared how incredible his stay was at the Shangri-La with the Eiffel Tower views. Since I had never been to Paris before, I figured it would make the perfect stay. For the actual surprise proposal, I had a ton of help from Pierre. He worked closely with me to choose the perfect location and setting for my special moment.

I had goosebumps the entire time. Having not slept for more than an hour the night before, I kept practicing and rehearsing in my mind how the proposal would go and what I would say. The actual proposal was as Luxembourg Gardens and on our way there, I was filled with so much anxiety and emotion that I started overheating. When we finally got to the destination, I made a pitiful joke, took a deep breath, and just embraced the moment as much as possible. Thinking back, I almost started crying before I kneeled but thankfully pulled it together.

Blythe: I knew it was going to happen soon and thought it would be a missed opportunity if it wasn’t in Paris! I wasn’t sure when or how until that morning… he took forever to get ready! He was giddy and clearly had something on his mind. I was, however, surprised by all the things he planned, since I’m always the planner :). It was really a magical experience and I couldn’t have imagined anything better.

I think we were both shaking on our walk from the taxi to the place where he proposed. We couldn’t stop laughing but neither one of us wanted to admit that we both knew what was happening. I also never thought I would cry when I was proposed to but I really was overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. His speech to me was beautiful and I will never forget it.

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