Blanca and Axl

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How We Met

Axl and I first met in High School sophomore year. We began to date when I was 14 years old. We have had many ups and downs. A couple break ups and make ups but in the last 12 years of writing our history we knew we couldn’t be with out each other. From our first place together, a beautiful daughter and adopting his nephews we thought we have been through it all. Then last year in 2015 we miscarried and that alone was tough not only on our relationship but on our own sanity. We began to heal and got pregnant again in March of 2016.

how they asked

On October 2nd 2016 our friends and family gathered together to help us celebrate the welcoming of our rainbow baby girl Skyler. In the middle of giving a thank you speech to our guest my best friend surprised me with the biggest surprise I could ever imagine. He got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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After crying in disbelief and giving him the wrong hand lol we finally got it together and are planning our next chapter in life as husband and wife.

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And for those who know us we decided that #finallyholland was suitable for our wedding hashtag after all we are 12 years in the making :)

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