Blakely and Wes

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How We Met

We first saw each other in 2012. Wes was a junior and I was a sophomore. He tells me that he first saw me walking between classes and asked his friend who I was, but we didn’t actually meet him until the next year when he asked if I wanted to hang out at the football game that week. Fast forward a few weeks and multiple flirty messages via Facebook and we started dating, and then after a month, went our separate ways only to come back to each other (we had no intention of getting back together) at a Special Olympics event we volunteered at together. I guess you could say that from that point on, we really connected.

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how they asked

Okay so surprising Blakely has always been one of my favorite things to do. Whether that was pretending to be in Athens and tell her I wasn’t going to be able to come home on the weekend, and then ringing her doorbell two minutes later, or bringing her flowers on a random Monday, the reaction is always one of pure joy. (and not to mention her competitive nature coming out saying that she won’t be surprised again, but always is) So it was an obvious choice that I wanted the proposal to be a complete surprise, and boy was it. I decided on a long car trip back from the Florida Keys in the summer of 2017, that I was ready to get a ring and marry the girl of my dreams. I came home, bought the ring in July and upon going back to school, asked her father for permission and waited for the perfect opportunity.

I literally had only told my parents, grandparents and my two good friends that were headed off to medical school in another state, and had teased the idea to a few other friends, but other than that, no one had any idea. That opportunity presented itself during an away football game one weekend in September. Up until this point, we had been going on dates every Friday night, and I simply told her that we were going to go somewhere a little nicer to celebrate me finishing my first final of Med school. I had planned on doing it in front of the UGA arch, and after setting up the time with my buddy to take pictures of the proposal I was ready to go. Of course this is the one Friday that Blakely was super hungry and decided to be early so I had to stall. We drove to UGA’s North campus and looked at the fountain until my friend was ready to capture the moment. We headed towards the arch and there was a family taking pictures in front of it and I had to stall… again. So I said I wanted to walk through the arch since I hadn’t since I graduated.

Finally the crowd had moved out of the way and I asked for a picture with her, and in the most classic Blakely fashion, she said “no, I am starving, I want to eat”. luckily, a bystander insisted she would take a picture for us and to be honest, after that picture I turned to her and got down on one knee and don’t really remember what I said after that. She said “yes” and her appetite immediately vanished into thin air, and we celebrated that evening walking around North campus and enjoying each others company on our first night as an engaged couple. So yes, it was a surprise, and perhaps one of the coolest surprises ever. The pictures were incredible, and wouldn’t you believe it, that sweet little woman taking our picture must have realized something was up because she ended up recording the whole thing! How cool is that!

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