Blakely and Maxx

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How We Met

I saw him for the first time at college my freshman year. I remember my friends talking about a guy named Maxx, but I hadn’t met him yet. I would only see him from afar walking across campus or hear his name in conversation. His name always seemed to catch my attention. Sophomore year I walked into my class on the first day of school. I immediately saw him sitting directly across the room from where I had chosen a seat. I tried to play it cool and always speak. That was all. Junior year I had my first real conversation with him. We were both waiting our turn in the Attendance office and my focus was solely on him.

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We talked for 30 minutes straight without blinking. That moment caught my attention and I knew he was someone that I wanted in my life.

Senior year :: I was working on a computer project in the school library and I see Maxx walk in the room. He sees that there is an empty seat and makes his way to me. This was the moment that our lives changed forever.

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how they asked

I have never felt so loved + supported + celebrated. To be surrounded by my closest friends and family on such a special day was more than I could have ever asked for. I was surprised. I mean really surprised. I was told “just wait until the bronco is sold.” Maxx told me that so I would have some sort of time-frame. Months before he proposed, we had been planning a film day to make a video for The Ford Bronco he had restored. We wanted it for personal use + to help promote the sell of the car! ANYTHING TO HELP SELL THE BRONCO right? So that is the beginning of how he was able to have me with my camera to film + Michaella there to take photos + not give away that he was proposing. It was so normal and natural that I didn’t think twice about it. We had been planning on it for so long.

The Bronco was also a surprise. He was revealing it to me for the first time in months. He has been working on this car the majority of our dating relationship (3 years) so it is near and dear to us. (We also named our puppy after it.) lol Our plan was to immediately start taking photos + video with the Bronco but a part was missing and the truck wasn’t drivable. So Plan B – it turned into a photo + video session of the two of us. I love photos and videos, and Michaella was there, so why not? We were still going to film + add it to the actual Bronco video later on (so I was told.) We hopped in the car and went to Starlight Drive-In which is a really cool retro movie theater in Atlanta. That was our first stop for pictures + video. ( I still had NO idea) We were originally going to that particular spot to take pictures with the truck but as things turned out, it was just us! lol Next stop, Maxx was DYING to go to his favorite view of the city.

It is a beautiful vacant lot that we have always admired Atlanta’s skyline from. I got out of the car and Michaella told me to go ahead of them to set up my camera to capture video. When everyone was in place and ready to start filming, moments later I had tears running down my face from the most special thrilling moment of my life to date. Maxx pulled me in close and I saw that his eyes were welling up with tears. That is when I realized what was about to happen.

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He reached in his pocket and got on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I had all the feels. It was the most incredible feeling. I am so thankful that I was totally oblivious that whole time. It made the moment that much greater. WOW. Of course I said YES! I get to marry to my favorite human in the world . Watch the video for all the emotions! I apologize now for all the crying haha.

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