Blakeley and Tony

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How We Met

I met Blakeley through her roommate, Krysten, back in 2013 in Tallahassee, FL. I am from Gulf Breeze, FL and Blakeley is from Gulf Shores, AL. We both work in the medical field as cardiac and vascular sonographers. When I lived in Tallahassee, Blakeley’s roommate asked me if I was single and what kind of girls do I like? I replied to her I like fun girls who are laid back and no drama. She said that her roommate would be perfect. A week later people from my work had a little get together, which Krysten said that Blakeley was going to be there. When I went to the restuarant and saw everyone there I immediatley locked on to Blakeley and introduced myself. In my head I was thinking, OMG this girl is SO HOT and she is way out of my league. But when I got to talking to her and got to know her that night, I realized that this girl is down to earth. She was so sweet and kind, the type of girl every guy wants to have and marry. After that night I got her number and couldn’t wait to hang out with her some more. We started dating and got serious. I found myself thinking about her all the time, which is unusual for me, and at that moment I knew that I wanted to marry her and spend the rest of my life with her. I know this seems cliche, but she makes me feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world. She makes me happy and makes me a better person with her kind and sweet heart.

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how they asked

When I was thinking of a way to propose to Blakeley, I wanted it to be one of the most memorable moments in her life. It had to be special, unforgettable, and spectacular. I knew that I wanted her family and my family to be involved. So I decided to make her a surprise slide show with all of our family and friends convincing her to SAY YES. I started to email and text all of her friends and family about the idea and every single person loved it and was on board. The news spread like wildfire, but Blakeley never knew any of it was happening. Everyone got involved and submitted pictures to me. Needless to say that every single picture that I got was wonderful! At that moment I knew I was doing the right thing for her. When I finished making the proposal slide show and watched it, I immediately teared up and cried.

The day of the proposal, which was the day before her birthday, I had a “spa day” planned for her. I told her that this is your birthday present, she absolutely loved it. The reason I got her that spa day was to set up our apartment for the proposal. I knew that she was going to be gone for hours and I needed every minute to set up and make it perfect! I moved all the furniture out of our living room and hung lights and tons of pictures of us all over the room.

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