Blake and Heather

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How We Met: Blake and I met at College Cheerleading Camp when we were 19. While we didn’t cheer for the same University, Blake was assigned to be stunt partners with my best friend from high school, Halie. We became friends through association and instantly connected. This began a very rare, 9 year friendship.

Just a few years after we met, Blake and I became best friends. Our greatest connection was our passion for the Lord. We spent countless hours sharing our hearts, dreams, passions, struggles, victories, and milestones. We saw each other date, love, and experience heartache. We listened, offered encouragement, support, and prayer through different seasons of life.

Blake wanted to date me a handful of times throughout the years, but I was hesitant. I didn’t want to ruin such a strong friendship and take a risk with someone so meaningful to me. Blake wasn’t just a “friend”-he was a part of me. So I would say no, refusing to blur the line of what are we/what aren’t we. Blake was patient through it all. He knew in his heart we would get married and trusted I would realize that when I was ready, never allowing his feelings to affect our friendship. (Unbeknownst to me, he told our family and friends he was going to marry me at my twin sister’s wedding, no matter what. That was 3 years ago.) I desperately wanted to find the spiritual connection, friendship, and intimacy I had with Blake. But the truth was, I would never find what Blake and I had apart from him. I wasn’t meant to. My relationship with Blake was too rare, too special.

Well this summer, everything changed. I saw Blake differently and realized I couldn’t picture my life without him. Deep down I knew, there was no one more compatible for me and no man I could ever be more like-minded with. I also knew I’d never find a man who would love me more than Blake did. Not only did we have an unmatched emotional and spiritual connection, we loved each other’s heart, spirit, and soul deeply before we ever “fell” in love. That was a rare gift. So, after 9 years of friendship, watching each other grow from teenagers to adults, and much patience on Blake’s part, I agreed to date him. My life has never been the same since…

how they asked: Blake and I took a weekend getaway to his Aunt and Uncle’s house in Austin. We planned a foodie weekend and a tour of the Texas State Capitol. We are both passionate about politics and patriotism, so we were excited for the tour. Well, we walk in to the Capitol and immediately have to go through security. Unknown to me, Blake had the ring in his pocket and didn’t want to empty his pockets on the conveyor belt, because I’d see and the surprise would be ruined. While I was walking through, he whispered to a police officer for help, and the officer gladly (and very smoothly) took the ring while Blake went through security. That officer came around and slipped the ring box back to Blake without me ever noticing!

When our tour started, the United States flag and a POW flag were flying over the Capitol. After our tour ended and we came outside, Blake walked me to the front and pointed out the flag had been changed. He then told me you can order a flag to be raised and flown in honor of a significant event or person(s). Blake said today, the Texas flag was flying over the Capitol in our honor and then he proposed!

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It was the greatest surprise of my life!

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His proposal was so perfect to our personalities. (We love politics and all things patriotic!)

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Our family popped out from hiding and my sister, Chelsi, took professional pictures of us. It was the best day of our lives. The state of Texas will mail us our flag with a certificate of significance of it being flown in honor of The Sadler’s engagement, on September 19, 2015!

BUT…that’s not all. Blake recently told me he wishes the man could have a ring to wear on his right hand, as a public symbol during an engagement. Immediately, I formed a secret plan and told myself I would buy Blake a ring and keep it on my every day. I’d leave it hidden in my purse to give him on the day of our engagement,whenever that would be (hoping for November).

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Well, God’s timing is perfect. 3 days after buying this ring, Blake proposed to me. I was able to give Blake his ring after he proposed. Both of us were sweetly and successfully surprised! We spent the day with our family and then Blake and I had an intimate dinner alone on the lake. We talked through years of memories and celebrated the most special day of our life!

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Special Thanks

Chelsi Troop
 | Photographer
Heather Patterson
 | Photographer