Blake and David

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How We Met

We met back in 2010. I was working for a promotional company and he worked for the company who had hired us to advertise the Reds game that day. Of course in the big/little city of Cincinnati we had known OF each other for quite some time but never had we crossed paths, until THAT day. It’s funny looking back because at the time we were both in relationships but all of the signs were there. It was so obvious we were infatuated with each other but it almost felt like a forbidden love. We’d party together occasionally but our friendship remained subtle and we both went about our separate lives not thinking twice. 2 years went by, I had moved away but was in the works of moving home to the mid-west when we crossed paths at a Kaskade concert. I remember my guy friends asking who he was and being so protective because he wouldn’t leave my side, I of course was loving it.

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From that moment forward it almost seemed as though we were inseparable. Days turned into weeks and soon enough it was time for me to move home. He bought a flight and drove me all the way back to Cincinnati from South Florida. Since then, 5 years and counting, we’ve been madly in love… living in Cincinnati, Hawaii, and now San Diego our love story can’t seem to sit still which is no surprise to me why our engagement was so enchanting… in Europe on the most romantic trip of our lives.

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how they asked

Our day began after flying into Venezia, Italy. I had prearranged a surprise for us to get picked up in a private mahogany water limousine with a bottle of Veuve waiting. #iVeuveYou Here I thought I was the one who had pulled off the ultimate surprise that day but little did I know what he had up his sleeve, or should I say in his pocket haha. The day was going more than smooth with a casual free upgrade to a suite at our hotel and effortless romance filling our hearts as we began to get lost in the streets and canals of Venice. Mind you, we were ultimately jet lagged and slightly hangry so after a quick pit stop for a bite to eat and a few caffè americanos we wound up in St. Marks Square, I had been dying to get to this spot all day.

I can’t even begin to describe to you how beautiful this location is. It’s like something from a movie but better… imagine live music playing, people from all over the world everywhere and the most beautiful buildings surrounding you. As we wondered around admiring the architecture and just taking it all in David suggested we get a picture in front of the Basilica. In my efforts to find someone, mind you most of those surrounding us didn’t speak english or at least it wasn’t their first language, which lead to me apparently looking helpless because the sweetest asian lady approached me and offered. “Picture” she said, I handed her my phone and I rushed over to David to say cheese. I’m not going to lie, (thanks to my Mother) my paranoia of getting pick pocketed was through the roof all day and as I was smiling for the camera it dawned on me that at any given moment this stranger could just walk off with my phone. With that said I was eager to get it back right away but as I stepped toward her to retrieve the phone, David pulled me back and began to kiss me.

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It was in that exact moment that it dawned on me what was about to happen and I couldn’t resit but to cover my face and take it all in. As the classic gentleman that he is, after praising me with kisses, he knelt down and simply said “Blake Aleece Backman, will you please marry me?”. I couldn’t even get the words YES out I was so caught off guard and in shock, I shook my head yes immediately and as he placed the ring on my finger the crowd surrounding us like street performers began to roar… “BRAVO, BRAVO!!”

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We then went to get my phone back from the sweet girl, whom I can’t believe I doubted because she was truly a saint and literally captured the whole thing on camera. In fact, the minute she realized what was happening, she switched the photo option over to video and recorded it from the moment he was on his knee until we walked over to her. With the little bit of english she spoke, she kept pointing at my phone and saying “video”, I couldn’t believe what had just happened let alone the fact she captured it all. I hugged her and she squealed with excitement for us and even asked if she could have a picture of us on her camera by motioning to us to get together and holding her camera up. I then asked her where she was from by motioning to each of us saying California and she replied “Japan” so I quickly Thanked her again and again with my best “Arigatogozaimasu” and we went on our. We then sat on a nearby fountain taking it all in and letting me collect my thoughts, I had been waiting for this moment for years and while I was HOPING for it to happen on this trip, the last thing I imagined was for him to do it on the first day! I was utterly blown away, he did such a great job at wowing me and sweeping me off my feet. We spent the rest of the day continuing to get lost, blending in with those around us by kissing every chance we got and even rode around in a gondola down the grand canal and under the Ponte di Rialto, of course our boat conductors name was Fabio haha. It truly was the most romantic proposal I could’ve ever imagined and because it was the first day of vacation we spent the rest of our time celebrating during our travels. I love you David, with all my heart and I cannot wait to marry you. XO

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