Catherine and Blake

How We Met

Catherine and I met at Gwynedd-Mercy College in 2007. She was a sophomore and I was an incoming freshman. We both were education majors pursuing a degree in Education. After 2007, we went on our separate ways even though we would still run into each other on campus. In 2010, we reconnected and dated for a few months but things didn’t go as well. We both graduated in 2011 and were living our separate lives. In 2013 we reconnected after I had sent her a text message one night. She was very indecisive on whether to meet me at a restaurant but she finally agreed to meet up. We reconnected, caught up and had a great time. After we reconnected I sent her a text the next day telling her how much of a good time I had and asked if she wanted to go out again. She agreed to go on a date with me which was dinner and a movie. After dating for a few months we finally became official and had fallen more and more in love with each other.

how they asked

Since Catherine and I both enjoy working with kids I figured it was a good idea to propose to her in her 1st grade classroom. I also knew that she wouldn’t expect me to propose at her school. When I arrived at her school, they had me hide in a small classroom for over 20 minutes before she was called to her principals office to be distracted. Once she was called down, I headed to her classroom. I had all of her students line up out in the hallway with roses to give her. Since it was the day before Thanksgiving and I didn’t want them to ruin the surprise, I had them tell her “Happy Thanksgiving”. Once she received all of her roses, she then walked into the classroom. When she walked in, I was down on one knee with a banner that said “Ms. Screnci, Will you marry me?” She immediately said yes!

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