Blake and Carly

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How We Met

Carly and I first met when we were in 8th grade. I had just transferred schools and was the new kid. We never really talked much at first, but eventually, our friend groups joined together and we started to hangout more often. We spent the next 5 years as friends and saw each other at various events, but we both found other people to date and remained friends. However, our senior year of high school, we started texting back and forth and found ourselves interested in entertaining the idea of a date. Prior to a football game, we were exchanging texts and I could tell that she was hinting to me that she wanted to go on a date. At first, I was hesitant to go, but thankfully I agreed. That was the best decision I ever made. We spent 2 hours talking at a small ice cream store about random topics and getting to know more about each other. I remember leaving the date wanting to just sit and talk with her more, because when I talked to her, it felt like I was talking to a best friend I had always known.

For me, I never had a moment that I knew she was the one, but instead, it was small things throughout our relationship that showed me the depth of love that I felt for her: her love and support through every trial, her laugh that I fell in love with from the first time I heard it, the adventures we experienced together, and each conversation about our future and the aspirations we both strive for.

how they asked

I began planning the proposal after Carly left to go back to TCU. I had asked her dad for his permission to marry her in late August. The only thingI knew about the proposal is that I wanted it to be a surprise. Carly loves surprises (as long as she is the one doing the surprise), so I thought she would appreciate a surprise of her own.

When I approached her dad to ask for his permission to propose to his amazing daughter, I had a few dates in mind for when I would like to pop the question, but one date stuck out in mind and I could not figure out why. Once her dad and I started talking about the proposal, he asked if I had any date ideas and I mentioned the date that I ultimately settled on: October 28, 2017. After a pause, he brought to my attention that this specific day is the same day he proposed to Carly’s mom 27 years prior; I had no idea. I didn’t need to hear anymore, that was the date. We lost Carly’s mom just over a year ago, and I wanted to honor her mom’s memory in this way.

A couple of months later, I had the proposal planned out exactly as I wanted. For 2 weeks leading up to the proposal, I began writing a letter to Carly to read when I proposed. I knew that I would be nervous and forget everything if I didn’t write it down, so I penned everything I wanted her to know. I wanted it to be intentional so that she would understand how much I love her and also have something to go back and read whenever she wanted.

The day finally arrived and I was more nervous than ever. I had been coordinating with one of Carly’s friends at TCU and she helped me get Carly to the nail salon the day prior, and ultimately to the proposal site: The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. I had written a note to Carly explaining what was going to happen. After reading the note, she rode to the proposal spot. I was standing at the top of the steps under one of the arches at the Kimbell when I saw her step out of the car; she looked beautiful and it didn’t take me long to spot that gorgeous smile on her face. She finally got to me and I took her hand and began reading the letter. After I finished, I set the note down, got down on one knee, looked into her beautiful blue eyes, and asked her to marry me. Before I could even finish the question, she was already saying “YES!” I have never been more excited for my future!

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We were able to take some pictures with the photographer, Grant, and then I had another surprise for Carly. We had wrapped up pictures and were heading back to car when our closest friends and family were there with sparklers to help us celebrate the moment!

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Special Thanks

Grant Daniels
 | Photographer