Blake and Annslee

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In a plane in Douglas ga

How We Met

I knew as soon as I seen her I would marry her. It’s been a year now and, the only regret I have is not doing it sooner.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In a plane in Douglas ga

Proposal Ideas In a plane in Douglas ga

Where to Propose in In a plane in Douglas ga

how they asked

It took months to plan it. The weather had to be perfect, the plane had to be available, the pilot had to be free. She knows my love for flying, and thought we was just going on our first flight together. But little did she know I had i had been working diligently to make sure the entire went as planned. We almost didn’t make it she was running late and we had a 15 minute window before the sun set!

we was in the air we took a tour of the town and I pointed out a sign in the grass where the words was written, and to my surprise she said yes. When we landed my whole family and all of her friends was waiting at the hanger to congratulate us, and welcome her to the family.