Alyssa and Blake

How We Met

Blake and I met online; he used the pickup line “hey potato chip.” I’m not sure how that worked, but it did! A few years later we are homeowners, engaged, have two dogs and shared many travels together.

Alyssa and Blake's Engagement in Las Vegas

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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Las Vegas

How They Asked

Blake and I met online two years ago, we moved in a year ago, traveled a lot, bought a few pets and a house! We decided to go to Vegas for a weekend to see a magic show, walk around the strip and enjoy the warm weather. He was very adamant about seeing a Bellagio water fountain show, so we saw the first show in the center viewing area. After a magician came up to us and asked if we would be featured in his YouTube video because he was trying to become a well-known magician. It was a little intimidating with a large camera and what not but we said yes. He did a few tricks and the last one he asked me to think of a time with Blake that I remembered, he placed the cards in the circle and picked the card at the time I was thinking.

After he showed Blake the card and he revealed the playing card that said will you marry me, I, of course, said yes and Blake got down on one knee and revealed he hid the ring in a bag tied to his arm so I wouldn’t know- he had a trick up his sleeve. He wore the same outfit he had on our first date as well, which was very sweet to me. I now have a wonderful video of the proposal and beautiful memories of the event.

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