Blake and Abby

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How We Met:

Blake and I met in March of 2012 in Tuscaloosa, AL. I was two months shy from graduating high school and was visiting a college to possibly go and cheer for. I first met Blake out at the pool one Sunday, 30 minutes before I had to head back home for school. Our mutual friend, Jessy, introduced us to each other. I thought he was cute, but was waiting on hearing back from my “dream” college that was in a different state. The following Friday I received the news that I was not accepted to my “dream” school. I immediately packed my bags and left again for Tuscaloosa, AL. It was only the second time we hung out, but it was almost like we both knew it was something special.

We shared our first kiss that weekend and right after he jokingly asked me to marry him. I said what?! Haha he was really kidding. Well little did we know it would actually happen…. Anyways, we were both in Tuscaloosa in hopes of making a college cheerleading squad. I had always cheered throughout middle and high school. While Blake previous played baseball in college, and he had an interest in cheering for scholarship opportunities and being around the ladies. I mean, what more could a guy ask for right? However, we both knew that if one of us did not make the team, that the likelihood of us seriously dating was over. In April 2012, we both made the team! He attended my high school graduation and on June 5, 2012 he asked me to be his girlfriend. And we haven’t looked back since.

how they asked:

On July 10, 2015 I headed off to my internship like any normal Friday. Blake was meeting his boss and some clients in Downtown, Atlanta and wanted to meet up for lunch. (He really didn’t have to work that day at all). So, around noon we headed off to Canoe in Atlanta. When we arrived, Blake had it planned that our table “wasn’t ready” and we were told to wait by the bar or head outside. We decided to head outside, since the restaurant over looked the Chattahoochee River. He was walking really fast and telling me to hurry up! I wasn’t sure what he was talking about since we had to wait anyways. He was kind of being a little mean and really wanted to go look at the river.

This worked in his favor since it really threw me off. We ended up going near the river to look and see what was around. He pointed out to a spot over the bank and I kept trying to find what he was telling me to look at. As I turned around he was down on one knee!!!! I don’t even remember exactly what was said I was just overcome with so many happy emotions!

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After I said YES I started to cry. He said “Abby, don’t cry, you are going to mess up the pictures!” I thought pictures?! And out popped a hidden photographer he hired, (Jessica) out of the bushes off to our far right!

I couldn’t believe it! She caught the most precious moment every girl dreams of. Afterwards, we took some pictures outside around the restaurant and river. After a mini session with Jessica, (who is an amazing photographer by the way) our table was finally ready. He had reserved a specific booth inside that overlooked the river with glasses of champagne for us to celebrate with our lunch. I still wake up every morning feeling like it is a dream. I am so excited to marry my best friend and love of my life. I truly am the luckiest girl alive!

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Special Thanks

Jessica Williams Studio
 | Photographer