Blaise and Delpha

How We Met

Me and Delpha met back in November 2011 at her friend’s birthday party. The moment I saw her, i was like “she’s the one! – to my it’s was love at first sight. I had talk to her before leaving, because we lived in different cities. After that party We only saw each other at wedding parties, once or twice a year. it’s was very difficult because her mom never let her stay longer . I found out she liked me but didn’t tell me anything – she had protective walls. This lasted for two years. I didn’t give up because i knew she was a gift from God – they say that The beginning of a relationshipis the easy part because everything feels new, wonderful and exciting.. ours was not. It’s was difficult and stressful because almost everyone were against us. There’s that one guy who tried everything to separate us – I highly believe that what is meant to be… will be, no matter what. We finally started dating officially on May 24 2015. A lot of people wanted us to break up. After all we went through, I don’t think that anything can come between us – only death!

How They Asked

In January 2019 we started planning our anniversary, this time we’d celebrate in Santorini. I contacted Canaves oia and Reserved a private villa at Canaves Oia Epitome. Maria (event coordinator) and I emailed each other almost every day before we arrived to Santorini, she helped me a lot and she was so amazing.

What Delpha didn’t know was that I asked her friends to Santorini – the funniest thing is they told her they were going to Spain, one going to London, so she had no idea her friends w the same island. I Hired a photographer to capture our anniversary. I reserved a private dinner for two at Canaves Oia Epitome Roof terrace with the most beautiful view. Katerina, our private waiter was so amazing.

Two days before our trip I gave the ring to Delpha’s friend, because it could’ve been too risky to take it with me! On Friday 24 May we took pictures and Later that night I was planned the most romantic private dinner. We got seated and I started to get nervous. I told her it’s was family problems and I had to call my sister immediately (actually went downstairs to check if everything was okay. I had to go back to Delpha with a serious face. She tried to make me relax. We ordered drinks and waited for her friends to arrive. They gave the ring to Maria.

I asked Kouvalis (photographer) to show up before our dinner. He would give Delpha rose petals, I’d stand behind her and shed throw all the rose petals in the air while turning around. (She thought we’d be taking pictures – poor girl) Before turning around Maria would hand me the ring and Delpha’s friends would show up, silently! She turned around and she saw me on one knee and her friends – she literally froze. Two surprises at once! She couldn’t speak. Just started crying. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. Later she she told me the only thing she heard was “will you marry me because she w shock. May 24, a day full of tears and laughs! The best day of my life. I’m about to my best friend. Canaves Oia and the whole staff helped me a lot. Special thanks to Maria, Event Coordinator!

Special Thanks

Maria (events coordinator, Canaves Oia)
 | Planning
Couvalis Michael
 | Photographer