Blaire and Matt's Proposal at Coronado Beach

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how we met – blaire

Matt and I both went to the same University but never actually knew each other. In 2012, I moved from one side of the state to the other for a job. A group of girlfriends and I went to Bar Louie one night in Saint Louis for food and drinks. My girlfriend knew Matt for college and introduced us. It took Matt a few days, but he searched me out via Facebook. He messaged me and asked for my number. I agreed. A few weeks later he finally asked me on a first date. We went to BlackFinn. During our dinner, I accidentally dropped a french fry down my dress. He said he know right when I picked it out of my dress and ate it, that I was the one! How embarrassing! We went on lots of dates to dinner and movies for the next few months. He was also my rock and silver lining during the loss of my mother. Our relationship grew and we quickly become best friends!

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how they asked – matt

I decided to surprise Blaire with a trip to San Diego for her birthday and a stay at the Hotel Del Coronado. We took our first trip together to San Diego when we began dating Diego over three years ago. We fell in love with the city, the beach, but most of all, Coronado Island. The history and beauty of the island captured our attention for an entire day. So much so, that Blaire did not want to leave. From that moment on, I knew this was the place I wanted to propose to Blaire one day if she would have me.

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Three years later, we returned to Coronado Beach in March, and before the sun set on the beach, I asked for Blaire’s hand in marriage. This surprise proposal was something I had thought about for a long time. With the ring hidden in my sock, I bent down on one knee but could hardly get the words out. Months, even years of planning was not enough to be prepared for the emotions of that moment. My favorite place in the world with my favorite girl in the world. It was a magical moment!

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The look on Blaire’s face was my favorite moment. She knew exactly what was happening when I took her by the hand and she saw the scared look on my face. Even though she knew, she uttered the words “what are you doing?” Immediately tears ran down her face but with a smile. The tears of joy made me feel special and I knew I was making the right decision!

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how they asked – blaire

Matt and I had climbed the rocks near the ocean the night before so it wasn’t surprising to me when he wanted to do it again and take pictures to send our parents. When I started to climb up on the rock, he grabbed my hand and turned me around. I knew by the look on his face (utter fear) what was happening. The moment Matt got down on one knee and took the ring out of his sock and opened it was my favorite moment. It was so like him to have held the ring in his sock rather than his pocket. He knows how observant I am and this was clearly the last place I would find something.

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In the ring box was my mother’s ring who sadly passed away from cancer a few years prior. Matt and I started dating only one month before my Mom died. I knew Matt was the one when he showed up to my mother’s visitation and stood in line to shake my father and brother’s hands for the first time while mourning the loss of my mom. Although this was an extremely tough moment in my life, it strengthened a new relationship quickly that eventually turned into love.

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Afterwards we had dinner reservations at the Hotel del Coronado ocean view restaurant. My adrenaline was pumping and I was still in a state of shock. We had to push our reservations back an hour just so I could collect myself and enjoy some time together as a newly ENGAGED couple!!! The restaurant served as an amazing bottle of champagne (Which we are hoping to serve at our wedding) and an amazing dessert. We felt so special!

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