Blaire and Josh | Engaged at Disney


How They Met: Blaire and Josh met through Matt Henry, a mutual friend, at a game night held at Blaire’s house in June 2010. Right away, they realized there was something there more than just friendship. Blaire immediately asked Josh for his number and Josh soon contacted Blaire via Facebook to go out on a date. After going on dates for a month, Josh finally worked up the courage to ask Blaire to be his girlfriend. Yasmine Elraheb (one of Blaire’s best friends) can vouch that the same night Blaire met Josh, that Blaire also told Yasmine that she knew her and Josh would end up together-as cliche as it sounds, it is 100% true :)

Through mutual likes, interests, and beliefs they have been able to strengthen their relationship and have formed a stable foundation that will provide for a bright and wonderful future together!


11 how they asked: After Blaire’s college graduation from Clemson University, Josh surprised her with a trip to Disney World as her graduation gift. They left early the next morning to head down to Orlando, Fl and begun the week with dinner at the Grand Floridian hotel where the characters from Cinderella gave Josh a hard time about being with Blaire for 3.5 years and not proposing yet. After thorough embarrassment of both Josh and Blaire, Josh secretly told the characters his plan to propose at Magic Kingdom the following day.

The next morning, December 21, 2013, Josh and Blaire went to Magic Kingdom, rode their favorite rides, and went to lunch at Be Our Guest restaurant. All morning Blaire had been wanting to go see Ariel, so after lunch they decided to head over to Ariel’s Grotto. Once they were let in to see Ariel, Josh asked Ariel if he could show her the gifts he was going to give Blaire for Christmas and for her to tell him if Blaire would like them. He first pulled out a fork (aka dingle hopper based on The Little Mermaid), then a thing-a-ma-bob (also from The Little Mermaid), and then a sea shell. Of course, Ariel was excited about all the gifts and Blaire had the “what the heck is going on” expression all over her face. Next, Josh came over, got down on one knee, gave the most beautiful proposal speech, and asked Blaire to marry him. OF COURSE, Blaire said YES! Next, the Disney photographer announced that there was one more surprise and all of a sudden Blaire’s family came walking around the corner! Blaire’s mom and dad, Kaitlyn, Kathy and John Boyette, and Mima had all driven down to Disney World to be a part of this special occasion. Tears were shed, many pictures were taken, hugs were given, and December 21, 2013 became the most special day of Blaire and Josh’s life! The Disney cast members gave Josh and Blaire a fast pass for the whole family to cut to the front of one ride and “Just Engaged” pins to wear.

The rest of the week was full of congratulatory remarks from various Disney cast members and special treatment for being a newly engaged couple. Josh had planned a beautiful engagement and Blaire could not have imagined a better one!

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