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How We Met

Dakota and I met in college at the University of Oregon, in 2016- SCO DUCKS!!! We were both athletes; he played football and I was on the Acrobatics & Tumbling team. We often trained in the same facility and Dakota said that I caught his eye while tumbling because he recognized me from an acro poster. He then hit me up on Instagram and about a week later we officially met in person at my 21st birthday party! However, our meeting almost didn’t happen… Dak had graduated from Montana State a few months earlier but had one year of football eligibility left. After turning down opportunities to play at other big football schools, he decided on Oregon-BLESS!! Thank goodness for that extra year or our paths may never have crossed! To this day, he feels that God placed spiritual blinders on his eyes, illuminating his path to Oregon.

I’ll never forget calling my mom on my walk to school, telling her that a cute new guy had asked me out. I hadn’t said yes quite yet… so she jokingly asked, “What are you waiting for? It’s not like you’re going to marry the guy, go out with him!” and I replied, “I don’t know Mom, I could see it!!” I definitely knew from the very beginning that there was something special about Dakota. He seemed so familiar like I’d known him forever!

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how they asked

It all began when he called and asked me if I wanted to go to Italy…in 5 HOURS! I’m a planner and not the most spontaneous person, so naturally, I was hesitant. After reflecting on my New Year’s resolution of being a “yes person” we were quickly on our way! We spent the first few days in Florence, before driving to Turin, and finally arriving in Zermatt, Switzerland.

The SWISS ALPS are amazing!! It was incredible to spend our first trip abroad in the quaint, car-less mountain town of Zermatt. We spent the first half of our second day snowboarding together in an insane blizzard. The powder was unreal! By two o’clock we were boarding to a ski in, ski out restaurant called Findlerhof, overlooking the Matterhorn to celebrate his Mom’s Birthday. Lisa wanted to get one photo of all of us together for the Christmas card, so after enjoying a nice bottle of wine we got up to take the picture. As we got closer to the door, I heard the owner clink two bottles together and as I turned around I noticed everyone was looking in our direction. Then I saw Tim, Dakota’s dad, filming us and I instantly knew what was about to go down! I excitedly turned to Dakota to see if it was true—he dropped to his knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was the easiest yes EVER! Everyone in Findlerhof was so kind, giving us their blessing and best wishes, cheering, and buying us champagne. It was quite the celebration and the location was so “us!” The afternoon turned into a memorable night of celebrating as we kept bumping into all our friends from Findlerhof.

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You’re never going to believe this! It’s actually the most unlikely story!! Dakota had always told me that when the time was right, he would get my ring in New York because his mom had a jeweler friend in the city. But I never would have expected this. We flew from LAX to JFK and had a layover before flying to Italy. Lisa landed at JFK 3 hours earlier. Little did I know, she managed to leave the airport, take a cab to the jeweler in downtown Manhattan, pick out the diamond, get it set, and make it back through security all before our flight left for Italy! As Dakota was keeping up with Lisa by Facetime, I was happily eating a pizza, totally clueless that all this was going on! This story still blows my mind, but if anyone could pull it off, it would be my soon to be mother-in-law! You rock Lisa!!

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It’s my dream ring! Dainty, elegant, simple and SO gorgeous. I seriously have never seen a ring so sparkly. It’s an oval solitaire diamond, one carat in size, set in white prongs with a rose gold band. It’s perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing!

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