Blair and Travis

Where to Propose in St. Helens, Oregon

How We Met

We met because he lived in the apartment across the hall from my sister. They had met and she immediately knew we would be perfect together. Eventually we got around to a first date and it was the best date of my life! He cooked me dinner, played his guitar, we watched Game of Thrones, and we went dancing too! It felt like 4 dates all in one. We have been together ever since, and that was 2.5 years ago.

how they asked

We were at the Spirit of Halloweentown festival in St. Helens, Oregon. The big jack o lantern had just been lit, and after everyone started to leave we decided to get some pictures with it. He set up his go pro on a ledge to get the pictures, so I started to pose. Then I look over and he’s down on one knee asking me to be his wife! We were dressed up as a witch and a warlock so he said “you’ve bewitched me from the beginning. Will you marry me?” And I burst into tears! We love all things Halloween so he chose the absolute perfect time and place to propose. I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together!