Blair and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I met through a ministry in Phoenix that we were both a part of called Younglife. I was new to the area, I had just moved here for school, and Matt had been involved for years since he grew up here. I met Matt in the fall of 2013 at a leader weekend, but it was very nonchalant because I was just getting out of a relationship and definitely was not looking for anything. So nonchalant, actually, that Matt doesn’t even remember meeting me at the beginning of the weekend (or so he says). At the end of the weekend, someone dared Matt, as a joke, to ask me for my number in front of a bunch of people. I was so embarrassed because I had no idea it was a joke and quickly put my number in his phone without my name, just as a bunch of emoji’s. Here I am thinking I was so funny until later when I realized that twenty some year old guys do not put emoji’s next to their contacts like us girls do.. Oops. Fast forward a few months and nothing really happened, we would run into each other at events and at school with mutual friend groups, and that was about it. I remember being intrigued by him, he was so bold and dynamic and constantly making people laugh. It was obvious he did not care about impressing anyone, and would go to any length in order to show high schoolers what knowing Jesus is like. Eventually, he started texting me and then calling me and it slowly morphed into something we were both interested in. He asked me on our first date in November of that year (after asking my roommate and a few of my close friends if they thought it was a good idea), and we were official by January.

how they asked

Matt’s family has a cabin that we like to visit in Payson, Arizona. We have had some of our most extravagant adventures there and also some of the sweetest time bonding with him and his family. We head up there whenever we get a chance to, but I had been so busy lately with school and work that we barely had an open weekend for months. A few weeks ago, Matt decided we should try really hard to go up before it got too cold. Me being a brat (a theme you will hear often in this story), was trying to fight it, thinking it would be nice to have a laid back weekend without going anywhere or doing anything. After inviting a couple friends and some of Matt’s family and learning that nobody could go, I told Matt I really didn’t want to go. Finally he talked me into it, and I told him I would only go if we could bring our puppy with. So, Saturday afternoon after he got off work we loaded up and headed north, where his parents would meet up with us later. The minute we got to the cabin, Matt decided he wanted to go on a jeep ride, our favorite activity up there. Having just gotten out of the car after two and a half hours, I pleaded that I wanted to rest a little before we did anything (brat). After a few minutes, I decided to suck it up and said we could go on a short one. We got in the old white jeep and headed out around the neighborhood. After a bit, Matt turned onto a trail head and I immediately asked why we were going on a trail if I just wanted to go on a short ride (brat). Matt apologized and said he would turn around as soon as he could. A bit up the trail we pulled up to a clearing with a beautiful view, where I spotted a little table with flowers and a laptop sitting on top. I looked at Matt, and with a giant grin on his face he said “What’s that? Lets go look”. It just started to hit me what was happening and I felt so bad for being a stubborn brat all day.. We got out and walked over to the table, where Matt pressed play on a video that was loaded. The video was of him talking about meeting me, getting to know me, and learning that he loved me, along with a slideshow of pictures of us over the last few years. The video was so sweet, but I was having a hard time focusing, with the dog running around barking at something in the bushes. Also, about half way through I asked “Who’s laptop is this?” Great timing Blair… Matt just replied with ‘Are you paying attention?”. After the video ended I looked at Matt like what now.. and he said “Let’s go look at this view over here!” We walked a bit further where we could see the Mogollon Rim incredibly, and Matt got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I don’t exactly remember saying yes but I know that I did. I also had to ask Matt if I could have the ring because we started celebrating before he put it on my finger. Immediately after, our best friends Hannah and her husband Jordan (who lied and told me they could not come with us for the weekend) jumped out of the bushes where they were taking pictures of the whole thing. We snapped a few more shots and decided to pack up and head back to the cabin. On the jeep ride back I was so giddy, dancing, and squealing as I tried to process what had just happened. When we got back to the cabin, Matt’s parents car was there so I headed inside to say hi to them. When I walked in, not only his family and my closest friends were there, but my mom and my brother all the way from Colorado. The second I saw them I lost it and the ugly crying I thought I avoided started. I was so surprised that the dearest people in my life all made it up there to be a part of it. The whole day (besides me being a total brat for most of it) was more than anything I could have asked or imagined.

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Hannah and Jordan Cunanan
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