Beach Engagement Shoot | Blaine and Taylor


How they met: Blaine and Taylor met through Taylor’s brother-in-law; he never wanted to set her up with any of his friends, he was protective of her like a big brother would be. But one day he thought to himself that Blaine would be the exception. There was something he saw in Blaine that told him he would be perfect for Taylor. They soon started talking and hit it off. They knew they were meant to be from the moment they met!

How he proposed: After being together a few months they had already talked about getting married, and then the day came. On Christmas eve 2012 in front of all their family and friends, Blaine asked Taylor to marry him, and of course she screamed with excitement and said YES! They have been enjoying their time together as fiances ever since and are planning the wedding of their dreams.





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Photos by Samantha Bonpensiero Photography