Blaine and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met when we were basically children…He was definitely more of a child…a Senior in High School child that is. I was a Sophomore at the University of Kansas when I went with girlfriends to the KU Baseball party to meet up with our best guy friends on the team. I spotted an incredibly handsome (‘Hot Hot Hot’ I believe, was the embarrassing term I used at the time) guy dressed as Lance Armstrong, against his will by fellow Baseball players. I asked my best guy friend on the team, Andy who he was and he preceded to tell me he was a ‘recruit’ from Wichita, KS. I took the term ‘recruit’ to mean, community college transfer…little did I know, i’d later find out he was just a sweet little Senior in High School (Rock that cradle Blaine, Roccckkk that cradle…). He was extremely mature, way more mature than I was, that’s for sure and definitely a charmer and complete gentlemen…a rare find these days. We hung out the whole night, and I don’t think i’d laughed so hard. I actually remember my cheeks hurting, like sorority recruitment cheeks hurting, from smiling so much. At some point, t I was let down easy when Jordan said, ‘I think you’re really awesome, but I have a girlfriend’. HOLY GENTLEMEN, Okay + crazy respect for that. We had a laugh and remained good friends. A few years down the road of our friendship (and his single-hood) I decided to stop taking the cradle for a test drive, and full on rob it. I asked Jordan to be my date to my Delta Gamma ‘Pinafore’ date party, and the rest was history…who knew it would be our last ‘date’ ever and the beginning of a lifetime of ‘dates’ at the same time.

THE IN-BETWEEN: Jordan and I dated all the rest of College and then went long distance for 3 years, when his job took him to Las Vegas and my Job to Dallas. We’d made the back and forth treks throughout the year, but sometimes our busy schedules would only allow us to see one another, once every 3 months. Due to the distance, we decided to plan a trip out of the Country since Jordan had never been before, and we’d never been on a solo trip without our families. We chose Ireland as I’d spent many summers there growing up at my parents home, which was definitely a ‘magical place in my childhood. Between my childhood memories, the people, culture and my Irish roots…Ireland has held a lot of importance to me to this day, so I couldn’t think of a better first trip for us.

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We landed in Ireland and made our way to our first cross-country stop at Dromoland Castle in County Clare, a place i’d stay with my family every trip. I showed Jordan around all my childhood memories of playing in the ‘secret garden’ and the downstairs bathroom hallway my siblings and I would mess around in because we were told it was Haunted. It is still a creepy hallway/bathroom to me at 28 years old. We rode bikes around the property our first day and we found our favorite spot, the Lily Pond and then Jordan arranged for us to practice the ancient art of ‘Falconry’. Our Falcons name was Bruce and he had a tendency to be pretty cheeky and take off into bushes after live prey. Nonetheless, one of the coolest experiences i’ll never forget.

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We had dinner at the Castle restaurant that evening, where we discovered our new favorite Irish wine, ‘O’Dwyer’. I, however, discovered too much of it…and 2 bottles later, had Jordan on a scavenger hunt through the Castle grounds trying to keep up with my nonsense of trying to pop out of bushes and scare him. We got back to our room and decided to FaceTime Jordan’s parents. I thought it would be BRILLIANT if I pretended like I was going to Squirrel Dive onto Jordan’s skull. The reality…as I twisted in the air to land on my back next to him, I smashed my skull into a naked baby angel carved on the wood headboard. Thankfully I was still sporting my ‘Wine’ helmet so I didn’t feel much at the time, but landed to a very shocked Jordan and his parents via FaceTime at the sound of the collision. I woke up around 4:30am sick as a dog with a splitting headache. Hello every symptom in the book of a concussion.


Jordan had plans for us to go to the Cliffs of Moher that day and ride horses in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I was bedridden, vomiting and needing every light in the room off including the TV. SUPER FUN TRAVEL BUDDY I WAS. I stayed in bed all day with jordan making makeshift ice packs out of a bucket of ice and napkins. Around 4:30 he woke me up and sweetly asked if I’d be able to go to dinner around 5:30. I annoyingly begged to stay in and just get room service, the thought of getting up seemed impossible. He nicely asked again and I sensed something important and didn’t want to ruin the rest of his day. I started to ‘get ready’ and Jordan again sweetly asked if maybe a shower would make me feel better. A cute nudge in the direction of ‘You LOOK Like you should shower’. Anyone who knows me, knows that you’d have more luck putting pressure into getting a diamond than getting me in the shower if I didn’t want to! I said I was good and kept slopping myself together. I put on an outfit that eerily resembled something i’d wear to a funeral…a cute look of ‘oh my’ from Jordan (knowing in his head i’d be ticked later at what I was wearing), asked if I’d rather wear a new dress I’d brought on the trip. Once again, heck no I was all about the comfort-too bad i’d want to punch myself in the face later for no shower and my outfit!

We left the room and came out to bright and warm sunshine for the first time since we got to Ireland. It had been the expected chilly and rainy the whole time. We came out to a beyond beautiful courtyard with a horse and buggy outside, a horse i’d been hoping to snuggle since the second I laid eyes on him when we checked in. Jordan and the buggy driver exchanged hello’s and hugs as if they were new BFFs. I wondered what he’d been doing all day, and apparently it was bro-mancing the buggy driver, afterall, Jordan has never met a stranger and it is one thing I love so much about him. The bugger driver told us to hop in, I was confused because I thought we were walking to dinner. I hopped in and the buggy driver took off, in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the restaurant.

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I started to realize we were heading in the direction of the trails to the Lily Pond. The buggy had Champagne ( I was a dud and decided not to have because of my head-Clearly i’m a seasoned Vet with Concussions), and a blanket and Jordan was sweetly holding my hand while grew incredibly suspicious. I started to look at his pockets for an outline of a box…nothing. I went back to thinking it was just an awesome experience he put together to make up for the waste of the day. The buggy driver stopped at the Lily Pond and told us to head out into the middle so he could take a picture. As we were heading to the middle, Jordan was SILENT. He kept following me as I walked in a circle around the sun dial in the center, and I obnoxiously kept trying to jokingly push him in the water. I was getting no response out of him, so I knew something was up. All of a sudden, the sun came back out and when it does it goes through a gazebo at the top of the Hill which then casts a shadow on the lily pond telling you what time it is. It was the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. At that moment, Jordan grabbed my hand and got down on one knee…while I thought I was going to puke. After some sweet nothings we decided to keep a secret, he finished and asked me to marry him. I remember weirdly asking, “Me!?” as if I thought it was a joke or meant for someone else. He laughed and said ‘Yes, you ya dummy”. I of course said Yes, and noticed a man coming out of the Woods. Freaky at first, then I realized he had a camera, so the moment became much less ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. Turns out, Jordan had hired a local photographer to hide in the woods and capture our whole proposal. After that, he arranged for us to take our engagement photos and finish our buggy ride, which ended with a special engagement dinner.

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Our first day as an engaged couple was spent playing with retired race horses and their babies by morning, to an ER in Ennis by afternoon where I had a CT Scan for my concussion.

After our romantic afternoon at a Hospital in Ennis, Jordan had arranged to have us meet my parents at Old Head for a few days and then to the family home in Bantry for the rest of the trip, where we both also ended up with the Flu. How ROMANTICAL.

It was the most magical and perfect proposal and trip. It wouldn’t have been a true proposal to me without a few bumps, bruises and spontaneous chaos. Other than my usual clumsy antics, the rest was perfect. The Irish are such a loving and celebratory culture; it seemed like everywhere we went we’d make new best friends and have our engagement be celebrated. I needed a Whiskey and Guinness detox after our visit, for sure! Our engagement photo unexpectedly ended up in the Irish Examiner and the County Clare Newspaper leaving everyone wondering if i’d said ‘Yes’, along with a radio jockey trying to get us to call in to his show if we were listening. It was truly the perfect proposal, filled with unexpected and hilarious memories to last us a lifetime. Heck, if this is the way our marriage is going to start…bring it on, i’m down. We’ll be together almost 8 years when we getting Married in May 2016 in Wyoming.

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