Biya and Zabizai

How We Met

Friday, April 28th, 2017. I was driving back home from work on Highway 635 when my car started having issues, the car started to heat up and almost stopped on the Forest Lane exit, even worse I started to see smoke coming out of the hood. Next thing you know, I pulled my car off of exit 436 B, to the nearest gas station. I was worried and confused on what to do, the first thing that came to my mind was to call the tow truck and let my sister know that I am stuck, and I need a ride home. It was 100 degrees and I was sweating and feeling sick standing outside in the heat. I walked into the gas station and saw this tall and handsome man, standing across me (haha). I was sweating, angry and annoyed didn’t know what to do, waiting for the tow truck and my sister to pick up. I made myself comfortable and sat on a chair in the store, Zabi came to me and asked is there anything wrong? I told him my car broke down and it has heated up. He said, “he would like to take a try and see if he could help?” I with no regard for talking to a stranger said: ” Sure if you know what you are doing it won’t hurt if you tried!”

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We walked out of the store and I showed him the car. It seemed like the car was going to blow up, Zabi went and got some water to add to the radiator. Before he added water, I said my disclaimer, “Hey, I have a broken car, I don’t want to be responsible for a dead man!” I still remember it word for word, haha. He laughed and said, “you won’t be responsible if anything happens to me!” Just as he was, he was adding water my sister and the tow truck had arrived. Zabi said that he wanted to try one more thing and if not, he can give me the number of his mechanic. He tried and the car didn’t start, I thanked him for his time and his unsuccessful tries!

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Just as I was stepping into my sister’s car, I didn’t know why but I asked him for his number and I definitely didn’t think we would fall so deeply in love. And now it’s been one year now and the tall guy, Zabi, is my fiancé.

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How They Asked

Saturday, April 28, 2018- I was driving back home and Zabi had called to let me know we were going to meet up with one of his friends and his girlfriend for dinner. I was running late already and wad losing my cool. I got home and saw that he had left a note with a dress, it was so cute. You would think, that I had cracked his secret proposal, I mean giving the dress and love note on my bed, but that thought didn’t even cross my mind, I was worried, that I was running late and he had “apparently” made reservations at a nice hotel where we were supposed to meet his friend and girlfriend.

I was swiftly getting ready, he kept calling to tell me I should be ready by 7 pm, nonetheless, I was still scramming to get my stuff together. I was dodging his calls; on the one hand I had my hairbrush and on the other hand, I was carrying my heels so I could slide them on my feet.

In no time, he had pulled over and was calling my phone repeatedly, he started sending me text messages. I mean, how do you expect a woman to get ready in less than 45 minutes. I knew I was running late, and it was annoying me to see his calls and I wasn’t even close to ready. I ran down and as soon as I got into the car, Zabi started ranting about being late and that he had made reservations at a fancy restaurant. We both got into an argument and I decided to cancel the dinner, the argument started flaming and he broke it to me. He said he planned a nice dinner and had something special planned, I said, “special?”

Zabi pulled out the ring and proposed. The fight turned took a 360 degree turn my heart dropped. I don’t really remember anything after that, all I know is that #HeAsked and #IsaidYes

Special Thanks

Zabizai Manzoor
 | Photographer
Rabia Fatima
 | Photographer