Lisa and Brian's Birchbox Surprise Proposal

How We Met

Brian and I met 5 and a half years ago, while we were both pursuing careers as actors in NYC. We first laid eyes on each other in the elevator up to our rehearsal space, where we kept walking past one another before discovering we were searching for the same room and were in the same show!

Image 1 of Lisa and Brian

During our first reading, Brian sat directly across from me. He totally says I was giving him “eyes”, but I was most likely staring off into the distance internalizing my role (haha! Sorry, Brian!)

The bizarre part is, I walked away from that rehearsal knowing that he would be my future boyfriend!

Image 2 of Lisa and Brian

After a short trip to California, my phone rang while I was at work (and I can’t lie! I was totally thinking of Brian in this very moment) and it was a number I did not recognize. I googled the area code, which confirmed that the number calling was a West Virginia number and I remembered how Brian had mentioned being from West Virginia when we were getting to know one another at our first reading. IT WAS HIM! I thought it was too good to be true so I chalked up his inviting me to coffee as a way to get to know me as a cast member since we only had one scene together and we never got the opportunity to interact with one another on stage, but I secretly hoped for more ;)

Three dates later and we shared our first kiss on the top of the Empire State Building!

Image 3 of Lisa and Brian

how they asked

Brian and I film a video unboxing our Birchbox & Birchbox Man every month, but little did I know what a turn my February 2016 box would take!

I thought our video was coming to a close as I seemed to have gone through all of my Birchbox goodies for the month, but then Brian pointed out that there was one more item in the box wrapped in black tissue paper! I still don’t understand how I missed it (especially because I’m really, really good at figuring out his surprises), but I began to open the tissue paper and out popped the rings with a sweet little message from Brian. Before I knew it, Brian was down on one knee asking me to marry him!!!

After saying “YES!!” I was completely floored and at a loss for words! Literally all of my friends and family have teased me about repeatedly saying “BRRRRIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAN”! I don’t think they’ll ever let that one go and I don’t think I’ve ever said his name so many times in such a short period of time :P I’m pretty sure I cried every day that entire week!

Image 4 of Lisa and Brian

I love the fact that Brian proposed while doing something that is unique to us and something we do together every month! I absolutely adore Birchbox and cherish the relationship I’ve built with them as a beauty blogger and a fellow female entrepreneur within the last couple of years! It was such a sweet, thoughtful proposal that threw me for a complete loop and I feel like the luckiest lady in all the land!

Image 5 of Lisa and Brian

You got me so good, Bri and I can’t wait to call you my husband! I love you!

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